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    Love My New 2019 CX-5 Touring...Except for the Seats

    @erhayes is this the solution.. not quite $6 - but Walmart # 550521774 matches
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    First new tires for my 2019 CX-5 Signature

    If anyone has never seen a wear bar (or know how to look for them):
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    2016 CX-5 No longer connecting to music on iPhone through Bluetooth

    Gracenote.. combination of a database of artist / track + album art and voodoo magic updating DIY: other fun reading:
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    What Yokohama tires are these?

    For the lay person like me "DT Direct" is Discount Tire Direct
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    2021 Mazda Connect Soft Reset...How?

    @HeloJoe did you figure out how to do the soft reset on the 2021 yet?
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    Anyone Running 245/50/19 Tires?

    Correction -- cheap / poorly made spacers are a bad idea. Spacers in context of the CX-5 will add nominal additional risk and are just an idea that needs evaluation and not as simple as "NO you will die!" Of course racing leagues have rules / guidelines (like helmets and roll cages) doesn't...
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    CX-5 Accessory must haves?

    "steering wheel tray" or "car desk" plenty of options on that one online river store. or even on Etsy (which is now basically turned into a Chinese drop ship front end)
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    CX-5 Steering Wheel Cover options?

    Now with a link to the product:
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    CX-5 Steering Wheel Cover options?

    How about a steering wheel cover that would work with the heated steering wheel option?
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    What to expect 2017 CX-5 Touring

    Carfax is really doing a great job selling people the idea that their service is a replacement for a proper inspection . Carfox is one tool and starting point.
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    2017+ CX-5 steering replacement guide?

    Thus my comment "this might be helpful as a partial hints", the button layouts sure may have changed but the methods for removal have not.
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    2018 CX-5 Oil Leak? Is this TSB for Tensioner?

    Either this was for shock value "Hey we are a great dealership, we are going to do ALL this work for you, our awesome customer" and / or The dealer service writer simply does not know what they are talking about.
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    2017+ CX-5 steering replacement guide?

    this might be helpful as a partial hints: and and:
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    Wierd Waze Google said: "Note: Changing your app language won't affect the language of your voice navigation or map. Learn how to change your navigation language and voice. Town and street names on the map will always be in the local language."
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    2013~2016 Google Nav Cutting Out in Bluetooth

    Very creative solution. A few random 2 in 1 USB C to 3.5mm Audio Adapters I found on Amazon:
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    Trade-Up? 2021 CX-5 or 2023 CX-5 (or CX-50)?

    Yes. Ever notice how you can either get 0% finance OR a certain amount of rebate? The rebate value is the cost of the "free" money to the manufacture. Of course the dealer no matter what you pay for a new vehicle will make a profit from the sale.
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    Floorliners for 2021 CX-5 GT

    Not sure if you have browsed the knowledge sharing document or not, but there is a section titled "Interior" and below that is "floor mat" that has several 3rd party solutions for both the GEN1 and GEN2 vehicles.
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    2013~2016 Google Nav Cutting Out in Bluetooth

    seems this is NOT a new issue or even a Mazda issue
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    FS: 2010 CX-9 Floor Mats, stock and never used (Dallas)

    Link to the rules in 3 , 2, 1...
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    Farewell Mazda!

    USA Production May 2018[14]–present Model years 2019–present Assembly US: East Liberty, Ohio China: Guangzhou those vehicles are spendy for sure.