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  2. 60_Driver

    Miata availability/price/lease thread

    Awesome thoughts, thanks for the input. My father bought a ‘21 RF club this afternoon. Beyond this forum, any recommendations for Miata info I should pass along to my dad?
  3. 60_Driver

    2016 CX-9 GT AWD Next set of replacement tires?

    I can’t believe you got 50.5k out of the Falkens. Mine were junk before 30k. I did the same Michelins and have no complaints at 63k. I’ll need new tires before winter, but I’m ok with it.
  4. 60_Driver

    Miata availability/price/lease thread

    @Conrad 16.5 How about thoughts on RF vs soft top? He drove an RF today and liked it quite a bit.
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  6. 60_Driver

    Miata availability/price/lease thread

    Thanks for the reply & congrats on the find. The same car would probably cost you more now!
  7. 60_Driver

    Miata availability/price/lease thread

    Hi All, I spend most of my time in the CX-9 side of the forum as that’s the Mazda in my garage. Stopping by here for some thoughts. My father is potentially looking at buying or leasing a manual, club Miata sometime soon. I looked on TrueCar, but I’m curious to see what a good deal looks like...
  8. 60_Driver

    Dealer recommended conventional oil?

    Just had the same experience Jeff described at the dealer. Brought my ‘16 CX-9 in for my last dealer service while it’s still under the last 500 mi of power train warranty yesterday. I was very surprised to hear the experienced service writer recommend conventional over the full synth I’ve been...
  9. 60_Driver

    WTB: 2016+ CX-9 OEM 18” wheels

    Interested in buying good condition OEM 18” wheels from a 2016 or newer CX9. My goal is to make them good looking dedicated winter takeoffs. Located in southern NH & semi-local purchase is preferred. Thanks, Matt
  10. 60_Driver

    2016~2021 WTB 18 stock wheels

    Thanks for the reply. I havent stopped by here in awhile. Feel free to let me know what kind of $$ youre looking for on the 18s here or in a pm. I dont imagine shipping will be cheap.
  11. 60_Driver

    2016~2021 WTB 18 stock wheels

    WTB 18 stock wheels Anyone have 18 OEM wheels for sale? Id like to mount snows on them and make them winter take-offs. Im about 40 min north of Boston.
  12. 60_Driver

    Spark Plugs at 40k?

    So, I had my sparkplugs replaced yesterday at 40.4k mi. I*m glad I heeded the service schedule here. The ribs were badly cracked on one. My mechanic said they looked like 100k plugs & was very surprised they came out looking this bad this soon. He figured it might be related to the serious heat...
  13. 60_Driver

    rim peeling?

    Same here.
  14. 60_Driver

    2016~2021 Wheel alignment

    NTB said they could do it, no problem. I opted to go with the dealer, though, after they botched my pickups alignment (steering wheel about 45 off) & destroyed the wheel locks on the CX-9 when I brought it in for new tires.
  15. 60_Driver

    2016~2021 For Signature owners..

    #kidproblems. I understand.
  16. 60_Driver

    2016~2021 Wheel alignment

    I paid $70 at a Mazda dealer during a sale.
  17. 60_Driver

    Any higher mileage 2nd Gen CX-9's out there?

    Thanks for the info, good to know. Funny that you guys mention the N55 engines. Im having a very hard time fighting the urge to buy a convertible M235i, rwd with 6-speed (for my wife, of course, hah). It looks like so much fun and cant find one negative review of it. That little car uses the...
  18. 60_Driver

    2019 CX-9 battery dies after 4 days

    What he said. We dont have any aftermarket accessories that draw power & I think that got us the other day after being parked outside on a very cold night. No problems since. I plan to check battery health this week.