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  1. 60_Driver

    Miata availability/price/lease thread

    Hi All, I spend most of my time in the CX-9 side of the forum as that’s the Mazda in my garage. Stopping by here for some thoughts. My father is potentially looking at buying or leasing a manual, club Miata sometime soon. I looked on TrueCar, but I’m curious to see what a good deal looks like...
  2. 60_Driver

    WTB: 2016+ CX-9 OEM 18” wheels

    Interested in buying good condition OEM 18” wheels from a 2016 or newer CX9. My goal is to make them good looking dedicated winter takeoffs. Located in southern NH & semi-local purchase is preferred. Thanks, Matt
  3. 60_Driver

    2016~2021 WTB 18 stock wheels

    WTB 18 stock wheels Anyone have 18 OEM wheels for sale? Id like to mount snows on them and make them winter take-offs. Im about 40 min north of Boston.
  4. 60_Driver

    OEM size tire replacement thoughts

    Starting this thread to share thoughts/experiences with replacement tires as our stock ones wear out on 16+ models. I recently replaced the oem Falkens on my wifes 16 GT. I went with Michelin Premier LTX in the oem 20 size & V speed rating. The Falkens seemed fine for the first year and a half...
  5. 60_Driver

    Spark Plugs at 40k?

    Im far from an expert, but doesnt 40k miles seem very early for spark plug replacement in a 2016+ model? Thats what the service manual calls for. Seems crazy to me. The dealer just quoted me $250 for parts and labor. That also seems crazy.
  6. 60_Driver

    Shark fin antenna question, 2016 model

    Hi all, I have a couple quick questions on the shark fin on a 2016 GT. I tried searching but didnt have any luck. My car fought with a not quite open garage door and lost (boom08). It now looks like theres a gap between the roof and the antenna. The back of the fin is scuffed, but doesnt...