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    Wtb protege5 oem usdm taillights

    Wtb protege5 oem usdm taillights good condition lmk the price shipped to 96797
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    Fs:protege5 stuffs

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    Team Pro5 10th Anniversary Potluck/Meet/Cruise Sept 9, 2012 Sunday

    Team Pro5 10th Anniversary Potluck/Meet/Cruise September 9, 2012 Sunday Central Oahu Regional Park(CORP) Across Waipio Mcds 11am-3pm Cruise to Kakaako Park All Mazda Enthusiasts of Hawaii invited! PM/Text me 808-294-9111 Efren All the plates, forks, rice, 1 table I got covered
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    Team Pro5 10Years!

    We will be making 10yrs. this coming September and locally I want to set up a BBQ/Meet/Cruise. Also if we can have the other Team members worldwide set up something if possible? Any input to when and where is great! Aloha, Efren
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    Team Pro 5 Introduction

    Team Pro5 is a car club of all Protege5's with exceptions to its counter parts in different countries. We are based out of Honolulu,Hawaii on the island of Oahu. Team Pro5 was founded in late 2002 by 4 original members. Dave(PRO5)former President, Keola(duMB Keola) Jarret(daKiNeP5) and...
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    Ae86 levin 4agze

    Here my other ride, its bought though from a friend(right place at the right time I say) Owned her for 2 years already. I did most of engine bay and some other little stuff here and there. I had a AE86 around the same time i picked up my Pro5 so dont think I got it because.... It cost way to...
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    WTB:Amber Side Markers

    WTB Amber Side Makers LMK Thanks Efren
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    Team Pro 5/MSpec Pix Thread (Past-Present)

    Here is past and present pix of our friends that have made through out the 6years. If not shown please post your pix and if I missed anyone that I dont got please do so. Also if you got better pix. Thanks Efren
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    Team Pro 5

    Here's a line up of past and present members through out the years.Enjoy! Sorry to those I didnt post or dont got good pix, but please post your pix of your Pro5 if your in the club! For people interested in joining please PM for more info. Thanks Efren Old President of the Club! OG members...
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    EVADE's New TOY!

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    Team Pro 5/MSpec Meets

    Team Pro 5/MSpec Meets I will try to have a meet every end of the month either Saturday or Sunday. Maybe around 7pm-9pm we will meet up at the NEX parking lot. But we might have special meets in between like if someone from the Mainland or outerisland comes down. So just let me know what you...
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    Tein Hood Dampers!!!!

    O.K.! Tein now makes Hood Dampers for us Protege's(5)now(also Mazda6) but its pricey for the quality=) I will most likely up grade mines just to JDM out. Dont forget these are special ordered from Japan so it might take awhile=( Efren...
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    WTB:MintBlue Eyelids and Type1 Grill

    Looking for MintBlue Eyelids and Type1 Grill. Used or Brand New! Or it can knock-offs if no one none=) Thanks Efren Team Pro 5 pres.
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    MintBlue Hawaii

    Here's my newest mod and the front and sides is courtesy of Rob(kaneohebaggedp5) with the silver boosted pro5 down here and the JDM rear from protege5gurly. Will plan to get 18's soon and will later get the MintBlue JDM rectangle fog front. Just let me know what you think and just ask if you got...
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    Big Cruise?

    anyone down to go? most likely Im going and just call if plan to show up! 294-9111
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    WTB:JDM/EDM Front Bumper

    Ok, I want the front bumper to do the JDM Mintblue front or the Erebuni knockoff. The front is off the 1.8L Familia/323/Astina/non-sport20. Heres some pix. Also need the fogs. If you guys help with anything it would be great! Thanks Efren
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    Gotta Love This Rain!!!

    man it been going on and off since last night. it pouring super hard like right now and good thing i didnt wash the car. i was planning to go sliding with my brother in the Hachi Roku because its good pratice in the rain. After the rain goes away anyone down for a small meet? just let me know...
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    Team Pro 5 Chapters?

    Ok, I'm the new president of Team Pro 5 and since Dave(PRO 5 former pres.) has sold his car, its my turn to take the torch and keep this club going. I've been regrouping/recruiting Hawaii members and now I want see who's intrested in starting Team Pro 5 chapters in your area. Just ask any...
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    Team Pro 5 Anniversary/info

    TEAM PRO 5 makes its 5 year anniversary in September supposedly and thats what Dave told me he thinks it is. So i plan on doing a BBQ/meet/cruise around that time and I think it would be good on a Sunday for eveyone. Just need to get some input from other members to see whats better for them...
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    Mazda Meet/Cruise

    anyone down to make one for the new year? just give some input on when and where, then we can decide. all i know saturday or sunday is when most of us are free. Efren