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  1. SnowFlakeBear

    2019 CX-9 Backup Camera Not working

    Ok so not sure if anyone experienced this yet but coming home tonight the backup camera stopped working. It was working this morning and just suddenly quit working. It's raining hard tonight and not sure if water gor inside the camera or something. I can only see the warning showing watch the...
  2. SnowFlakeBear

    2019 CX9 Headlight Issue

    Hi guys, has anyone noticed about the CX9 headlights when hitting a rough road or bumps that it moves up and down (kind a like it's loose or something?) also I noticed a yellowish tint shinning the upper part when it's shinning on the back of car in front or a wall. I just want to make sure this...
  3. SnowFlakeBear

    Interchangeable parts for newer CX-9 (2017-2019)

    Hello All- Does anyone know if the newer Mazda CX-9 has some interchangeable parts? Like for example headlights and rear tail lights and such. Thank you in advance!
  4. SnowFlakeBear

    New member checking in from WA

    Hi All, Just checking in as a new member here from WA. Looking for some great ideas to personalized our 2019 CX-9 Touring with Premium package. Couldn't afford the GT or Signature trim:(:(:( but we're happy with what we have. I couldn't upload the pictures yet - getting errors(notcool)