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    Mazda CX-5 Vs. Acura RDX

    Yes, but some brands do not give the dealer that latitude. GM, for example, is known to send factory inspectors for many claims.
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    Mazda CX-5 Vs. Acura RDX

    Mazda replaced my rear diff in my 2015 CX5 under warranty even though I had very obviously flooded it. They discovered it mid-way through the repair (I truthfully did not know I had), and they still paid 100% to handle it. $2800. I got a $0.00 bill. That played heavily in my decision to buy a 2019.
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    2019 CX-5 Turbo engine...Bad fuel economy?

    The test was performed with a BMW M3, not a Prius as well, for context.
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    2019 CX-5 Turbo engine...Bad fuel economy?

    Lifetime average so far.
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    CX-50 vs GV70

    If they drop a turbo 6, it better have 350hp or more. If they gave it a nice thick power curve with great torque, and focused on longevity and economy, I'd be content with 350hp. If they put it in any kind of "S" model or whatever though, it's going to need to be closer to 400+.
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    CX-50 vs GV70

    They are going to need well over 280hp if this is a 3.0L engine with DI. 280hp from a DI i6 is pure trash. Thirty years ago ago BMW was pulling 282bhp out of a 3.0L i6 (S50B30) without DI. NEARLY 70 YEARS AGO Mercedes was making 240hp from their 3.0L i6 (M198). So Mazda better not even come in...
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    Continental Crosscontact LX25 Tires

    My dealer sold me LX25s. It wasnt part of that special though. I paid $205/tire+ tax. Got the alignment for $99, install and balance and disposal for $90ish, and lifetime free rotations and 2 year road hazard warranty from them. Total bill was $1120 with tax, as I recall. Not bad when you...
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    Help me Choose a CX-5

    Drivetrain is likely fine, but belts, gaskets, stuff like that will soon need attention. This goes for any vehicle. Mazda isn't special in that regard.
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    Mazda CX-5 Vs. Acura RDX

    Why? It's slower in nearly every way, and the features match across the board, and the CX5 is more reliable per every review source. Just the looks?
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    Mazda CX-5 Vs. Acura RDX

    All of the issues the RDX has been plagued with, for one. 59 complaints...look at all the times "engine" and "suspension" was the subject...
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    Mazda CX-5 Vs. Acura RDX

    ...and yet it doesn't. The Camaro RS I ran? Steady pull on the highway. The modded civic I ran (god knows what was in it, it was like a 2004 and was faster than the RS)? It wasn't "catching up" at the top of my rpm range, either. Same for any other vehicle I've run that I beat. The top of the...
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    Mazda CX-5 Vs. Acura RDX

    The CX5 is controlled in snow or dry. All wheel slide on-throttle. Send it where and how you want. I prefer that. Very neutral feeling. I went searching for videos of the RDX, and noticed al ot of them depicted it spinning the tires on take-off, even with AWD, and even with less tq than the CX5...
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    Mazda CX-5 Vs. Acura RDX

    Not based on any of t he track tests anyone (MT/C&D, etc) has done. I've yet to race one though so I can't comment. Did you run them? I know I've killed a 2015 Camaro RS in mine, so it does okay for what it is IMO. Ah, it makes sense. This is the RDX's dyno. Notice how the torque max is only...
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    Mazda CX-5 Vs. Acura RDX

    Wild how the RDX is still slower with those extra gears and hp though, lol! I like the RDX's looks, but mechanically, no thanks.
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    Poll: How was your Mazda dealership service experience?

    For the last half decade (since I owned a Mazda), my dealership experiences have been absolutely perfect and positive.
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    Oil for 2021 Mazda CX-5 Skyactiv 2.5L Turbo

    The basic engine is not the same. The turbo has many different parts, although many are also the same. Further, the oil must be selected to function well inside the turbo as well as engine---a concern the NA motors are not saddled with.
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    CX-5 MPG with Turbo vs NA?

    It has the same performance as the 2.0 did, but with better towing and more parts to break.