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    2021 CX-9 brakes feel soft?

    So my 2021 CX-9 is the 5th Mazda I’ve owned since 2013 and I noticed the brakes just feel very soft. I feel like I have to apply more pressure then I should, has anyone else experienced this? My wife drives a CX-5 and she made me drive the other day (after only driving the CX-9 for 2 months)...
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    2018+ Mazda6 exhaust sale feeler

    I have a 2018 Mazda 6 sport with a custom Racing Beat axle back exhaust that’s in excellent condition that I’m thinking of selling due to my lease ending. Its been on my car since the beginning of this year but I’ve been working from home since March so it probably has less thank 3k miles on it...
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    Exhaust decision between CS and Tanabe

    Hey guys, I want to get an axle back exhaust for my 6 and I cant decide between Corksport and Tanabe. Ive seen vids of both and read reviews as well but was hoping to get feedback from people who have these exhausts. My biggest concern is cabin noise which is something most people dont talk...
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    2019 Mazda 3 GT leather oem shift knob

    Hey guys, looking to sell my 2019 Mazda 3 shift knob. Nothing is wrong with it, I just prefer heavier shift knobs. It's practically brand new, only been on the car for a few weeks and shows no sign of wear. I did my research before posting this knob, it retails for $180 from Mazda directly...
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    2018/19 Mazda6 front bumper trim replacement

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has experience changing out the trim on the bottom of the front bumper of the 6. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please look at the picture attached. I am purchasing the chrome trim to replace the piano black but I'm not sure if screws hold it in or...
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    2018+ NA parts from corksport

    Hey guys, Corksport is focusing heavily on the turbo version of the 6 due to lack of inquiries. If interested in aftermarket parts for the non turbo 6, please let corksport know. I've been in contact with corksport over the few parts they have released for the 2018+ Mazda 6 but they are not...
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    2018 mazda6 non turbo air intake

    Has anyone installed an aftermarket air intake for their non turbo Mazda6? I know Mazda did some tweaking on the 2.5 for 2018. K&N confirmed their SRI for 2014-2017 mazda6 works with the 2018 but corksport cannot confirm. I'm thinking about installing my old corksport SRI just to see if any...
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    OEM LED 2016 GT tail lights for 1st gen CX5

    Anyone with a 1st Gen 2013-16 CX5 interested in a set of OEM LED taillights from a 2016 GT? They are plug and play and in excellent condition, PM me.
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    FS Corksport skyactiv 2.5L intake $100

    Selling a corksport intake for the skyactive 2.5 motor in the Mazda 3, Mazda 6 and Mazda CX-5. Black hose and housing with a red filter. I only have about 20k miles on it. Selling intake for $100 plus shipping. Firm on price.
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    2016 CX-5 GT OEM LED tail lights FS

    Hey Guys, selling a set of OEM tails for 1st gen CX-5, they are plug and play and will fit on any 2013-2016 CX-5. They are in excellent condition and very low miles on them. Attached my ebay listing and willing to do better on price for members. [removed]
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    custom moddiction anvil2 shift knob f/s

    I'm selling a hard to find customized Moddiction shift knob that's in like new/excellent condition, if anything it doesn't even look like it was taken out of the packaging. The knob is stainless steel, weather proofed, countersunk, heavy and feels great in your hand. The color is anthracite...
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    Mazda 6 skyactiv exhaust recommendations?

    Just purchased a 2016 mazda 6, looking to upgrade the exhaust in a few months and wanted some suggestions. I used to have a cx-5 w a corksport axel back exhaust, I liked it but was a tad too loud for what I'm looking for in the 6. I have it narrowed down to Race Beat and Tanabe axel back, if...
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    no more CX-5

    Been a frequent member on this forum for the past 4 years and want to thank everyone who has helped me answer questions when needed or advice on mods and etc. The CX-5 has been my first Mazda purchase, but not my last, now I've moved on to a new Mazda6. Looking forward to new mods, new advice...
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    rear end squeaking?

    has anyone encountered this before? I usually reverse park into parking spots so I never noticed it but a few weeks ago I was reversing out of a spot and noticed a minor squeak. I thought it was due to the weather and my car hasn't been moved for a day but the other day I was reversing out of a...
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    white reverse light tinted red

    been wanting to try this and I think it's a success. haven't found any pics of anyone doing this but if interested its a red tail light film by 3m, goes for $8 on amazon.
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    headlamp removal?

    has anyone removed their headlamp and if so what's the easiest way to do it? from what I can see you can either remove the entire front bumper or remove the plastic panels above the grill but then I would have to drill out the rivets holding it in. ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated...
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    c/s crankshaft pulley

    anyone considering getting this or is it worth getting? I've had my eye on it for awhile but would like some insight on it, thanks!
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    mazdaspeed3 painted wheels w/ tires - SOLD

    mazdaspeed3 painted wheels w/ tires Up for sale are 4 mazdaspeed3 wheels painted in anthracite grey with oem factory tires w/ lots of tread left. Wheels are in great condition with minor wear and tear. Please PM me your zip so I can give you a rough estimate on shipping, thanks! List Date...
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    Mazda CX5 cup holder trim

    Mazda CX5 cup holder trim Used but in excellent condition cup holder trim for the CX5. No scratches or marks, color matched to the silver accents of the interior. To install use a heat gun or hair dryer to the 3m tape and apply pressure for about 30 seconds, that's it. Firm on price, it's half...
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    Razo RA101 shift knob w/ Sickspeed retainer/adapter - SOLD

    Razo RA101 shift knob w/ Sickspeed retainer/adapter Up for sale is a used but in excellent condition Razo RA101 white resin 46g shift knob. Was on my car for a couple months until I got something more suitable for me. It's small, comfortable and feels very sporty along with improving the the...