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    I miss my P5 but rolling with this now!

    Hey guys! It's been sometime, just wanted to update everybody on what I'm up too. So, this was my P5 back in 04/05 After a few rear ends by the wife, decided to get a Kia Sorento(more metal). Whyle she drives that monster, I have been playing with this! I thought the GTI was prety fast...
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    Up coming Season Greetings!

    Hey everybody! Guess what? I have been looking at the MazdaSpeed3, that thing is fast! Maybe I will get my self a fast present! (smoke) By the way Happy Holidays!
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    Season Greetings

    Merry X-mas and Happy New Year to all!
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    Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays From an ex-P5 owner, but I do like the Mazda 3 (speed) (glare)
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    yes, that is right, I am going to leave the Mazda world. :) I am trading the P5for a Kia Sorento, the wife needs more space. Anyone interested in winter wheels...
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    water resevoir braket

    Hi guys and gals, does anyone have a pic. of this braket and where to relocate the resevoir? I need to make 1 up. I got the cold air intake by INJEN off Ebay but no braket! (pissed) Can someone help?!
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    Check engine light!

    So, on Friday afternoon I was going out with the family when I notice the car skipping. I ascked the wife when did the check eng. light came on!? She said maybe that morning! (pissed) When was she going to tell me about it is the question! Called the mecanic and he said to go by the shop on...
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    If a cow got in your way! What would you do? Imagine if it was a P5? (boom07)
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    What do you do for a living?

    I work in Biotech! I don't kill horses (deadhorse but I kill chic embryos (hah)
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    What are you whaiting for?

    What do you have for parts/mods. that you are whaiting to install? I have an INJEN cold air intake right now sitting next to my legs at work whaiting for me to take it home and then install it! (deadhorse
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    Who or what have you Spotted?

    Hi, I was driving to Florida last week (Saturday) on 95 and I passed a Protege MazdaSpeed Blue (nice looking one). Later he got closer and we drove together for a few miles! Thanks for the company Man! (thumb)
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    Relocating the P5 to Florida!

    Hey guys, I have been trying to get an interview for the longest time there but nothing. I have been working in Biotech for the last 5 years and I was thinking maybe someone here works in biotech that could help getting my foot in the door!! Is there anyone here that works in biotech that...
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    what are you guys using for spark plugs?

    Like the title says, and what is the best out there?
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    Here we go!!

    I hate snow!! And I haven't changed the tires!! (deadhorse
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    Other then Mazda?

    Hi, do you guys own other cars other then Mazda? I do! What other makes are you guys driving?? I will post a pic. or two of what I drive other days if there is someone out there that cares! Post you'res if you have them! (2thumbs)
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    Is there a song that makes you step on it?

    Like the topic says, mine is Run to the Hills by Iron Maden. :)
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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Hi, I figure that we need a thread that alows P5 owners to enter any mods or anything done to rides every day!! Today I told my P5 in the face that it will get fixed very soon(waiting on some dow$$$) This is at it looks like right now! I actually jumped on the hood, so it looks alot better. (hah)
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    Winter is here!! What tires are U using?

    Hi guys! Here in New England and other parts of the States we get snow in the up-coming months. What tires are you guys planning on using?? I just got these 4 wheels and tires, wheels are 15x6.5 Sport Edition Fox 2 and the tires are 195-55-15's Michelin Arctic Alpin snow tires from ebay! What a...
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    CF Hood

    Hey guys, this question is for the guys that have CF hoods, where did you guys buy them from? I see this one on ebay for $180 and shipping is $140, the ad says Grade A but what is the difference from a DG motorsports $499 one? (huh) What should I do get CF instead an OEM?
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    New to the forum with a question!!

    Hi guys! I'm new to the forum but not to my P5. I need some direction in were to buy headlight assemblies. My wife decided that we needed new lights, hood, radiator support and grill(I think you know what I mean (hand) ) and I also would like to post a pic. but I have no idea how too! (shrug)...