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    2013~2016 Canbus alarm Mazda Cx-5 2014 GT

    Hi!, I research about if my CX-5 GT 2014 has factory alarm installed, and I make a test leaving an open window, close the doors with the keyless fob and what surprise, nothing happen!, so I google about and It is seems that USA model doesn't have a factory alarm. I want to install an alarm...
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    Fog lights with high beam mod? CX-5 GT 2014

    Hi, I'm trying to research how to mod the fog lights when high beams are on for my 2014 CX-5 GT AWD and only found information for the Mazda3. Has anyone done this job? Thanks for any advice. Edwin.
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    Weird behavior from auto in Mazda3 2007

    Hello, I have a Mazda 2007 2.3 with AT 5 speed 128k miles and one year ago I had issues when shifting from 2nd to 3rd. Two weeks ago I got the error "P2709: Shift Solenoid F Electrical" and it only goes to 3rd gear (I think was a limp mode). Yesterday I move the car and left it directly in...
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    Help! Mazda 3 2007 Headlights factory alignment

    Hello, I need your help, I ruined the alignment of the headlights of my Mazda 3 2007 2.3. Is there a factory point to start over? Thanks by any advice! Edwin.
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    Where is A/F sensor connector? Mazda 3S 2007 Error P0131 / P2251

    Hello!, some months ago I got the check engine on, and when I read the fault codes I see P0131 / P2251, and I let it pass the time. Because this is my wife's car (mazda 3s 2007) today she ask me If I fix that :(.. I start googling and I found the replacement that is a bosch #15733 (4 wire)...
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    Brake Module (ABS) leak Mazda 3s 2007

    Hi!, On one year ago I have an issue with a loose (Rear Right) brake line, so I got air in the system; I tight the line and I felt sponge the brake pedal. With the use, I saw some breake liquid on the booster I suppose was the master cylinder, today I planned to change the master brake, and I...
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    strange issue with the A/C

    Blower pos 1 desnt work Mazda Protege (SOLVED) Hi! I have a issue width my A/C. When I put the selector in 1, the AC button is on but the fan doesnt work when I put the selector 2-4 the fan works but the AC button goes off.. what do you think? best regards, Edwin..
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    How to secure the hood to open from outside? Mazda Proteg 2002

    How to secure the hood to open from outside? Mazda Proteg 2002 Hi!, today in the morning my wife's mazda proteg 2002 a robber open the car from the hood, and they steal some pieces from the motor: Radiator, fans, MAF, etc. :(. Now I have to buy this pieces, but I need to know how can I secure...
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    Strange issue with A/C Mazda Protege 2002

    Hi!, I have a strange issue with mi mazda protege 2002, when I turn the air position flow to the feet position, it engages the air conditioner (even if the AC button is in off position). I dont know if this is normal but I think no. Any advice??? Thanks!! Edwin
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    New happy owner of mazda...

    Hi, My name is Edwin Martinez, Im from Guatemala, Central America. Last month I buy a used 2002 mazda Protege, and now Im happy and sad, happy with this mazda (what a car!), and sad because I have to say good bye to my 83 volvo 240 turbo :(, this is because I have to... no parts, gas expensive...