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    The end has come!

    So yesterday sold off our Mazda 5. After 6.5 years and 140,000 km of mostly trouble free ownership the day has come to say good bye. My daughter was crying yesterday evening and a little bit this morning, says she missed the car already. We have not found a replacement just yet, borrowing...
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    2012 - 2017 Mazda 5 front ABS Sensor replacement

    This is probably the same process 2006 and up...
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    2012-2017 Mazda 5 Front left Axle Replacement

    This process is most likely the same for 2006-2010 models.
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    2012-2017 Mazda 5 Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

    This will probably be mostly the same for 2006 to 2017 as parts seem to be the same.
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    2012+ Mazda 5 rear brakes.

    Just having fun replacing the rear pads. Original pads lasted 150,000 km, so about 93,000 miles.
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    2012 Mazda5 trailer wiring install

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    Anyone interested in 2012 Mazda5 in Vancouver BC?

    Wife wants to finally sell the Mazda and get the Nisan Leaf :) 13xk and going... like the energizer bunny. (wrc)
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    Aftermarket HUD

    Got a cheap HUD from eBay. Kinda mixed feelings. It is not as good visibility wise as OEM unit as those can bee seen reasonably well day or night. This this is more like evening/night unit.. perfect in the winter with little sun light :) Evening:
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    2012+ Mazda 5 transmission oil change and addition of the tranny filter

    Hope you find this helpful. This is my second flush. Original flush was done after 25k km and the original fluid smelled like rotten garbage and was darken then night. After swapping it to Castrol and adding an external cooler, the condition of the fluid is much improved, it no longer smells...
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    How to replace a battery in the remote?

    I can't seem to get the battery compartment open, anyone had any luck or has tips?
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    Does self-dimmig mirror makes sence if you have tinted rear window?

    I don't mean like limousine tint level, but what ever the stock tint seems to be on 2012+ 5's What's your experience?
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    2012+ Mazda5 How-To Master Sheet -=READ ME=-

    We need everyone’s help to keep things tidy. If you notice any threads that are NOT actual how-tos, please notify a mod to move it. I shamelessly copied parts of the Silentnoise713's thread on pre 2012 models, hope it gives us good start. There are many changes in 2012+ years so I though it...
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    2012 - 2014 Mazda 5 rear bumper guard

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    Adding a glove box light to a 2012-2014 Mazda 5 or 3

    I'm sure there is more way to do this. You can also use pin switch that GM uses in their cars. light link.
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    How to add underhood light to Mazda 5 and 3, any year.

    Nice to be able to see in the evening if necessary. Before even checking oil lever was getting impossible. Light link, In-line fuse.
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    How to add heated seats to Mazda 5 and 3, any year.

    Mine was missing an option, so I decided to give it a go :) Maybe I'll add it to the rear seats.... maybe not, will see how life goes.