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    WTB: Protege5 Carbon Fiber Hood

    Got a p5 and want to see if anyone by chance is selling their cf hood. I'd love the reverse cowl but I know that's gonna be hard to come across but fingers crossed. So please Private Messge me what you got with pics, and don't post in here. I don't want anyone to swoop in and snag my only chance...
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    WTB GT SPec Trunk Brace for Protege5

    Like title states looking for P5 trunk brace. I know this is a very very very long shot trying to find one now but figure its worth a shot.
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    GT Spec Trunk Brace

    I have a trunk brace for a Sedan what piece do I need to convert it to be able to use it for a P5? Is it possible without the piece has anyone modified anything to be able to mount it to a hatchback? I know it's a long shot and if I cant do it then I'll just keep it in my sedan but I'll be...
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    2014 Statewide Mazda Meet

    Ok well the next meet is to be in Austin but as far as I know no one has stepped up to organize something. So if no one does then it will go to San Antonio then. So there's still plenty of time for someone from Austin to step up. So spread the word and lets make this next meet a grest turn out.
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    My Experience with Corksport

    Well just wanted to start off by saying that I have a few of Corksports parts, exhaust, ss brake and clutch lines, ehaust hangers, bronze and 3rd link bushings and they are quality parts. Now every communication Ive had with someone over at Corksport has been a pleasent one no rude people only...
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    Misc. Protege Parts

    Cleaned out my garage over the weekend and found some parts i no longer need so maybe they can find a new home with someone who can use them. SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE BUT I'M WILLING TO SHIP ANYWHERE!!! If your interested in a part send me a PM with your zip and ill get you a quote...
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    Random Protege Thread v2.0

    Well not sure what happened to the old thread but i figured id bring it back. So for those of you with any random protege questions, thoughts, ideas, pics, or just plain what ever regarding PROTEGE'S, this is the place to post it..... So who wants to start it off.
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    CX-5 Owners Opinions Needed

    My brother has an 08 Mazda3 hes thinking of trading it in for a CX-5 but i know nothing about them. So i figure the best place for any info would be to come to you guys. So what are the likes and dislikes? What are some things he should our shouldnt get like options, trim level, or packages...
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    GT Spec Trailing Arms / AAC Bumper Sag Brackets [BNIB]

    Well I just bought these Trailing Arms in the GB that Cres put together and yesterday I found out that i just won a AAC Link Kit which comes with trailing arms so i no longer need these so they are up for sale. Also up for sale is my AAC Bumper Sag Brackets I bought these but since I did my...
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    2013 State Wide Mazda Meet / Houston

    Ok Houston the 2012 meet is officially over so your next in line to host the meet. So depending on the date chosen you have less than a yr, so with that being said thats plenty of time to make next years meet an EPIC one. So all thats left is for someone to step up and take the reigns and...
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    Opinions on Raceland coilovers

    Im looking to get some and wanted to see if any of you are using them and if so what are your opinions. If you dont and know some one if you could send them this way.
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    WTB: 4Pt Ladder Brace for Protege

    Bought one Please close
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    Whats the Pros and Cons to a Speed3

    My cousin is looking to to get a new vehicle and was asking about a speed3 and wanted to know about them of course i dont know much about them so i come to you guys. So basically whats the pros and cons to the speed3 why should he get one ove another vehicls. Of course i want him to get one...
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    WTB: Speed3 or Newer GT seats

    Found seats Mods please close
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    FS: MSP Door Sills, Tweeters, ADP

    Well im cleaning out the garage and getting rid of some stuff i got laying around or dont need so here it goes. This is all i got for now but tomorrow Im going to be adding more not sure what but well see. MSP Door Sills Front and Rear $80Shipped MSP Tweeters (Only tweeters no panels) $30 Shipped
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    WTB: Fog Light Brackets

    Well as title states im looking for some fog light brackets someone dosent need any more not looking to pay too much. Hit me up with what ya got.
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    How to: Install Rear Strut Bar in a Sedan

    **First off this is to install a rear strut bar in a sedan and some cutting into the rear strut towers is required to do this mod. If you are uncomfortable doing this or dont feel you have the experiencs then do not attempt this on your own and have some help, by someone who does know how to, or...
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    How to: Install Racing Beat RSB / Clunk Fix

    Well its pretty easy to do so heres the low down Scale of difficulty: Novice Time: 30-45 Depending if you have help or not Tools youll need are Allen wrench Ratchet w/14mm socket or wrench Socket extension Tools you may also need PB or WD40 Breaker bar Cut off wheel (maybe) ***If you...
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    Texas HB 1068 Front Plate Law Repeal

    Just came across this on another forum figured id spread the word if ya havent heard yet so call your local rep and tell them vote to pass this damn bill once and for all!
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    Slim Fan ?'s

    Im looking to get some slim fans but not sure which i should get i know some pull some push some do both but which is better? Also what size are you running? I heard you can fit 2 12" fans but others have used a 10" and a 12". Which brand are you using? Basically any advice on the matter is...