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  1. STudMUffin97

    WTB mazda protege3 ECU

    Looking for a mp3 ecu, shipping would be to 98387 Washington. Thanks
  2. STudMUffin97

    DIY windshield replacement

    So I got a cracked windshield and I'm looking into SCCA RallyCross. They state I need a windshield that's crack free, now I'm also on a heavy budget and don't wanna pay 300 for a windshield. Has anyone pulled and installed one themselves?
  3. STudMUffin97

    Slow NA Pro5 build

    Well the wagon has been through allot over these past 5 years and s*** is starting to fall off so it's time to finally start a build to try and keep Ole Yeller going. I'll start with the bad, the rear brakes are gone (calipers are seized and one side is actually missing a pad), struts and...
  4. STudMUffin97

    P5 heater core replacement help

    Hey guys I'm still fairly new to the world of proteges and my heater core has been out for over a year now. I finally got the book and have been doing some research but I can't seem to find any help with this at all and the book seems almost useless when I look under my dash. My car is gehtto...
  5. STudMUffin97

    Protege5 build help?

    Ok so Ima get this out there I'm 18 and still in school I have an yellow 02 p5 and god damn do I love driving it. I would like to slowly build it up and make it a decent street racer. Now I have no money and a very small amount of mechanical knowledge. Most of my car experience came from working...