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    CX-9 Failing Water pump symptoms?

    Hello. Colleagues, should the engine hole behind the alternator be dry without coolant? My mileage is 180,000 miles, the oil is clean and the condition of the coolant is unchanged. Should you change the pump or ride and watch the fluids and keep on running?
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    2007~2015 CX-9 Issue with fuel level reporting?

    Hello. Did any of you have a problem with indicating the fuel level? My cx9 from 2008, when I bought it 2 years ago, has the wrong indication. The fuel pointer goes down to 3-2 dashes on the scale and the end of the fuel. It will not go any further and the reserve lamp will never turn on...
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    Rear differential interchangeability CX-9 - CX-7?

    Hello. I have a question. Is the rear differential in the CX-9 the same as in the CX-7? I have play on the axle shaft and a leak from the diffuser at the back. Can I change the rear differential to a CX-7 one?
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    2007~2015 Cargo Box problem with fixpoint

    Hello. My colleagues have a roof box attached to the factory holes in the roof. fixpoints. I bought the foot beams from Mont Blanc kit 5105. Everything fits fine. I unscrewed my paws. The screws were not tightened. I don't know why these fasteners are bending upwards? so tight that to...
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    Fuel pump replacement?

    Dzień dobry. Czy wkład elektryczny pompy cx 9 pasuje do innej Mazdy? Znalazłem wsi, że powinna pasować do Mazdy cx 7 Mazda 5 i 8. Sama pompa elektryczna. W alliexpres jest taka pompa. Koszt nie jest taki duży. Możesz pomóc?
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    The engine fires after 2 or 3 times?

    See second post...
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    2007~2015 CX-9 won’t start

    Hello. I changed the pvc valve. The car started, I did 50km but I didn't start the engine anymore. The starter is running, the fuel pump can be heard. Torque pro shows P2104 P2107 error. I checked the throttle and it looks good. I have a diagnosis of a mechanic about a crankshaft position...
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    2007~2015 Bose radio selection. aliexpress?

    Hello. My mazda cx 9 is from 2008. The original radio is without display and without navigation. I have a bose sound system. Which radio from alliexpres will match my version. I am asking you for help in choosing the radio. I care about the sound system barefoot so as not to lose it. Do...
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    2007~2015 Replacement of the coolant. No warm airflow

    What does the coolant change look like? I poured through the drain plug and hoses that go to the second airflow under the car. I drained 8lit. Why as little as there is 12 liters in the system. Now I don't have enough warm air. The fluid in the tank is in good condition and does not change...
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    2007~2015 Flap gas springs.

    Do functioning gas springs in the boot lid need to hold the lid in any position? I do not hold the trunk and falls. Can weak broken telescopes cause a problem for an electric servomotor that has no strength to lift the hatch up? The flap pulls halfway and drops to the zipper.
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    2007~2015 Boot lid failure. It opens halfway

    Hello. What can be the reason why the tailgate does not open? I cleaned the flap telescopes because they were dirty. I used wd40 and the flap creaked . Once again I greased with silicone grease and the hatch became quiet. It works without a problem for 2 weeks. Yesterday it opened to half...
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    2007~2015 What is this cable?

    I am after cleaning the starter and lubricating the bendix. Folding the intake system, I noticed a cable that I do not know where it fits. comes out of the wiring harness which goes to the gearbox creator. What is this cable and where to twist it? Pomozcie. picture taken.
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    Oil drips from above the oil pan

    Hello. Colleagues I have cx 9 from 2009 Mileage 285 thousand miles. I am after repairing the transfer box. The service watched its work and everything is dry but the mechanic noticed oil leakage. Oil drips under the oil pan from above. I took the picture. please check the photo. This is...
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    Meter replacement. Mileage correction.

    Please help. My friend bought cx 9 from 2009. The car is after a collision. It also needs to replace the counter. Now there is a problem. Can I change the odometer reading to the original after changing the counter? It has a meter and must add 55 thousand kilometers. Is there any cable...
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    Fuel pump. Bad level display.

    Is access to the fuel pump difficult? I suspect the entrance is under the passengers' couch? I have a problem because the indicator shows badly since buying a car. Once it shows 30% fuel and the other day the reserve is on.
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    Air conditioning leak? maybe the evaporator?

    Welcome. Colleagues, I have a problem with climate. One service found a leak on the tube under the coolant tank. The repair was carried out but after a month the air conditioning is poor. The second service found no gas but found no more leaks. Filled with dye nitrogen. I have to use the...
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    Big climate problem

    Hello. I have a problem with climate. in May I bought air conditioning and after 1 month it did not cool. Service has found a leak under the coolant tank. The air conditioning was repaired and refilled. After another month, there is no refrigerant again. I gave the car to another service...
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    Valve clearance?

    Has anyone of you adjusted valve clearance? My cx-9 works evenly, quietly. How do you know that such regulation is needed?
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    I have a few questions, fluid FL22, mileage and water pump

    Welcome. I am new to the forum. I have a few questions. 1-Does cx-9 have to have FL22 fluid? Can I give Prestone? 2-mileage is 175 thousand miles and do I have to replace the water pump? The fluid does not disappear, the oil also has a good condition. 3- What is the engine's lifetime? 4-of...