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    Stumbled across couple parts of anyone wants them

    I have a clutch hose and a wheel bearing if anyone wants I'd hate to just throw it out.
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    Protege5 parts

    GM close thread. Recycled everything.
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    Protege5 parts

    Last chance I'm going to start recycling these parts.
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    want to buy a custom intake manifold

    Or get the 626 manifold so it's not a split like the p5 and port it.
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    Protege5 parts
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    Protege5 parts

    Yeah, I'm glad someone bought it because I don't want these items getting broken. Yeah the valve cover is a give away if someone wants to pay for shipping. It's not worth the hassle of keeping.
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    Protege5 parts

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    Protege5 parts

    Lip and valve cover pending
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    Protege5 parts

    I'll get a quote tomorrow and let you know.
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    Identifying shift knob.

    I have a blox shifter knob that's round. I'll sell it to ya.
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    Protege5 parts

    Someone buy my remaining parts so I can buy new ones haha
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    Protege5 parts

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    Protege5 parts

    Update and bump
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    Exhaust Question for Cali SF Bay P5's.

    Well in all honesty, getting torque your going to need a 4-2-1 which they don't make anymore. You can do the 626 trick and weld that up. Also you would want to pair that up with a Cold Air Intake and the Mazda protege3 ECU. Then you will have a fun little car. But then that only gets you small...
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    Protege5 parts

    Guys buy these I'm tired of paying eBay.
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    Protege5 parts Door sills going. There's a bid
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    It's official

    Here's a pic of the car outside. Loving this car. 260tq it likes to move.
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    Protege5 parts

    Make some offers guys and gals.
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    Protege5 parts

    First item sold on eBay