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    New Owner - 2016.5 GX AWD

    Put on a set of factory roof rails and crossbars yesterday, and then swapped the winter tires for the all-season setup this morning
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    Difference between front and rear factory crossbars for 2016 CX-5?

    Found dimensions in another thread. Adjusted the second “rear” crossbar to the length of what the front is supposed to be and it slid into place without a problem. Going to call Mazda tomorrow to make sure it’s all good...
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    Difference between front and rear factory crossbars for 2016 CX-5?

    I ordered a set of genuine Mazda roof rails and crossbars a little while ago. Went to install them today and noticed that both crossbars are labeled as “Rear”. I can see that there’s a bit of room for adjustment on them by loosening a couple screws, but wondering if anyone would happen to know...
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    New Owner - 2016.5 GX AWD

    Just jumping in here to say hello. Traded in my 2009 Impreza hatch a couple weeks ago for a 2016.5 GX AWD with just over 50,000km on it. Not much else to say about it other than that I got the dealership to do the Apply CarPlay/Android Auto upgrade on the infotainment system, install some 3M...
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    17" OEM Wheels - Ontario, Canada

    I'm in Collingwood, but would probably be willing to take a drive for a good set at a good price.
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    17" OEM Wheels - Ontario, Canada

    Would like to spruce up my 2003 P5 with something a little bit bigger than the 16" stock rims. Wondering if anyone is parting out their car or has upgraded from their stock rooms, and is looking to unload a set. Let me know if you're in Ontario, as shipping rims is obviously not the easiest (or...