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    Borla exhaust

    From Borla: 2017-2020 Mazda CX-5 Exhaust Systems The BORLA® R&D Team presents our upcoming exhaust systems for the 2017 and up Mazda CX-5. Our Axle-Back systems replace the factory rear muffler and is a direct bolt-on product. They're tuned for the 2.5L N/A engine in the CX-5 and are...
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    2017~2021 Issue with rear rotors?

    Dropped my 2019 GT-Reserve off for service today. Car has been making a thumping sound when braking coming mainly from the rear passenger side. Just got a call to pick up the car. They Replaced The rear rotors and did an oil change. 6262 miles On the car when it was dropped off and needs new...