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    2007~2015 CX-9 Brake bleeding sequence?

    Does anybody know what the proper sequence of bleeding the brakes is on a 2011 CX-9? Please don't say "furthest first then the closest one" because that's a classic old belief that may not be applicable to modern cars, see Dispelling myths and BS: How you REALLY are supposed to bleed brakes and...
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    CV joint

    Brother's 2009 Mazda5 front driver's side CV is making noise when he turns (maximum steer). How hard is it to replace? Does the OEM have to be cut to replace it with an after-market one?
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    Dipstick hard to read

    I gotta say this car has one of the hardest dipsticks to read in all my experience. Anyone have any tips on which direction the dipstick should be inserted, i.e. rotation is what I'm referring to?
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    2011 & 2012 CX-9 Owner's Manuals in PDF format

    I haven't seen this posted and thought it might be useful to others. I pulled the 2011 and 2012 CX-9 Owner's Manuals as PDF files straight off the Mazda Connect iPad app. Reading them in the Mazda Connect app was frustrating because it wouldn't remember what page I was on and there was no way...
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    99 and 02 rear struts interchangeable?

    Anyone know if the stock OEM rear struts on an 02 Protege can be installed on a 99 Protege? I ask because KYB and other universal brands state that the after-market replacement part is the same for both vehicle models. But the Mazda part numbers are different, which is confusing. The part...
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    3M paint protection for hood, front bumper, etc.

    I'm considering getting the 3M paint protection for the hood, front bumper, headlights, etc. on my '11 CX-9 GT. Is it worth it? Does it discolor over time and start looking different than the rest of the paint on the car?
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    From a 2002 Protege ES-GT to a 2011 CX-9 GT

    Long time member of the forums but mostly lurked in the Protege subsections. I had an accident in November with my beloved 2002 Mazda Protege ES-GT and it was unfortunately declared a total loss. RIP! Wife & I recently had a new addition to the family and we usually have visitors or friends...
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    2007 Mazda6 OEM mags - will they fit a CX-9 GT?

    Buddy of mine has his OEM 2007 Mazda6 wheels and I may take them from him for winter usage. Will they fit the CX-9 GT without issue? Of course, I can always try them out but I thought if someone here knew then I could get the answer faster :)
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    MP3 DVDs...

    Just got a 2011 CX-9 and haven't tried it out yet but I was wondering if the non-navigation head unit plays MP3s loaded on a DVD. Sound quality over Bluetooth really sucks. Can't wait till I replace the stock head unit with my Kenwood DNX-9960.
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    Struts to go with Eibach Pro springs

    I currently have Eibach Pro springs and Tokico HP (blue) struts all around on my car, which I had installed back in November 2005. My Tokico struts in the rear are in need of replacement (all the gas/oil has completely leaked out). I'm considering the KYB GR2 333276 and 333277 because...
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    Floor pan

    I have a big ass hole in my floor pan on my driver's side. This is due to my car being lowered and scraping on ice and snow during our shitty Montreal winters! The stock floor pan (part # BJ0J-53-600A) costs nearly $750! Anybody know of an aftermarket floor pan? Or should I get this thing...
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    Double DIN head unit requires dash kit?

    Does a double DIN head unit, like the Kenwood eXcelon DNX9960, require a dash kit to fit in our cars? I'm thinking not but just want to confirm I order all the right stuff. Currently have a single DIN Pioneer DEH-P7700MP head unit which obviously requires a dash kit...
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    Which spark plugs for 2.3L

    My buddy has a 2004 Mazda6 2.3L and has never changed his spark plugs and he's quickly approaching 60k miles. Which spark plugs are recommended for his car? I use NGK coppers on all my Proteges and they work great, but I change them out frequently (every year or two years at most). Do the NGK...
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    Best short shifter?

    What's the forum favorite short shifter for the Mazda6? TWM? I have a TWM short shifter on my Protege and love it. Had a B&M before that and absolutely hated it. Thinkin' of getting a TWM for a friend's Mazda6...
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    Optima Red Top question

    Which Optima Red Top fits the 2.0L 3rd gen Protege? Thanks in advance!
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    Help installing Mazdaspeed Pedal Set

    For the life of me, I can't get the brake and clutch pedals on from this set: I tried with a god damn hook tool as specified in the instructions that come with the set, but still no luck. I was at it for over an hour, with a mirror and crouched down under the steering wheel. It's very...
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    Mazdaspeed Sway Bar Kit install questions

    I have the Mazdaspeed sway bar kit (kit part #: 0000-8M-C15). A few questions: 1) How difficult is it to install? I ask because I'm wondering if I should do it myself or take it to a shop. 2) On the Protege FAQ it says: "note the mounts on the stock struts will have to be reenforced". I...
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    Sedan spoiler leds

    The last three left-most LEDs don't work anymore on my stock ES spoiler's brake light. The screws are a b**** to get to, and so I tried to remove my spoiler but was unable to get the clips off. 1) Anybody know how to remove those clips to get the spoiler off? 2) Can individual bulbs be...
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    Caliper needs to be replaced?

    My rear left wheel doesn't lock when I pull my handbrake, ever since I got my brakes changed recently. The garage tried to adjust but can't get it to work, so now they're telling me that the caliper needs to be replaced. Is this true? Thanks in advance
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    Steering wobble

    I just got winter tires swapped out of my 01 Protege (dad's car). Steering really wobbles at low speeds, but doesn't shake at all at highway speeds. Is this due to a bad wheel balancing? Thanks