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    Slight coolant leak on back of block

    I have a leak on the back of my block from what looks to be the heater core hoses. Coolant is dripping down and sizzling on exhaust after I turn the car off. If this is the heater core hoses (I never replaced them), how much fun of a job is it to do? I haven't gotten under the car yet to see if...
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    Radiator fan not on automatically

    Recently noticed my cooling fan does not come on once the car gets up the running temperatures. If I hit the air conditioner button, both fans will come right on, but push the button again and they both go back off. Is this simple as a faulty temperature sender switch? The temperature gauge...
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    Stock springs for protege5

    I need some stock springs for a p5! Got rid of mine when I lowered it on tein s-techs. Want to go back to stock ride height. What have you got!? Located in Seattle, WA
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    manual transmission noise

    ive noticed an issue with my transmission recently, most noticeable when in 5th. its almost a ticking/clicking sound that ill hear constantly. even on highway when i put car in neutral and just move the stick to left or right a little bit, ill also hear it. ive put in new gear fluid last fall...
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    Fall Cleaning Meet. Oct 19th, 2013

    Hellloooooooooooooooooooooooooo I want to try and get a fall cleaning meet together, just like old times! Ive got most tools at my place for repairs, 1 garage bay, grill, very long hose, etc. Going to try and get a fire pit together in either the back yard or one I can bring out front with us...
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    I finally did it four!

    well everyone, the time has finally come :D. now while i didn't pull off an msm like the rest of you, i did land a sweet 92' mx5 in sunburst yellow. not sure of the production number just yet, waiting for a reply email. It has its little body blemishes which will be fixed up by next spring, but...
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    I found a nice rx7 for sale, guidence please!

    hi all. I want to get a project car and im between an NA miata or turbo II. I found this on CL today and its been sitting for a while. the owner told me it needs a new wiring harness in order to run more reliably. What would cause the current harness to make the car not run well and is it a...
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    MSP Radio pocket

    up for grabs here is an msp radio pocket with the support bracket. got myself a double din touch screen so i dont need this thing any more. $30 plus shipping :) SOLD SOLD
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    mazda6 wiper refill

    so all of you guys with the mazda6 rear wiper. my wiper has split and need the refill for it. would you buy a new assembly (number 2 in the diagram), or just buy part number 3 listed as the blade? went to mazda dealership and they would have to order me a full blade assembly for $22 plus tax. or...
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    grinding/rubbing after lowering car

    so everyone, i finally lowered my p5 over this weekend and have an issue pop up right after. Went out for a drive and I can notice this fairly large grinding feel coming through the brake pedal. the feeling is most noticeable then but you can still notice it even when you arent on the brakes...
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    2008.5 MS3 wheels with tires

    selling my current set up from my protege5. got the wheels in october of 2010 (owner of them bought them for his infinity but they didnt fit) and at that time they were still brand new (taken immediately off an MS3 right after purchase of the car). Tires are Nankang NS-II 215/35-18 and have...
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    WTB: Driverside back door

    Car was backed into last night by gf's stupid brother and the rear door is destroyed. Rather than making their insurance climb even more than it has with him on the policy, we are going to attempt another route first. So anyone got anything? Ill pick it up within a reasonable distance or we can...
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    1st to 2nd "grinding"

    so i noticed somewhat recently that occasionally when I shift from 1st to second I will get a very short grinding feeling. Its not like you would get when you just dont push in the clutch enough and get a grind that way, it feels different. It is a sporadic thing that would happen whether I...
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    why am i 'whistling'?

    I know a lot of you have aftermarket intakes so maybe you can help me! ive had an sri for a while that Ive wanted to use but when i remove the stock box i get a whistling like in the video. Anyone else have a whistle like that from the maf area with your intakes? and incase anyone wants to...
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    wheel seal

    are our knuckles supposed to have a wheel seal as shown in this picture? I didnt see one when taking the knuckle off and i just checked my other side and didnt see one either. just want to make sure before i put everything back together
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    cant loosen serpentine belt

    so my belt was squealing a lot today from running through all the snow so i went to check the tension and noticed that the belt is riding on the very edge of the pulleys. the belt is still completely on the pulley but not sitting exactly where it needs to be. i went to loosen the tension and was...
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    making up a rear fog light

    So I want to take my left reverse light and make it into a rear fog by putting a red LED bulb in it. I am going to get another fog switch to put in the blank spot up by the front fog switch. What else would I need to complete this? Do I go the route of getting an add-a-fuse type thing in there...
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    now im ready for winter :)

    i didnt think snow tires would be enough to get my through the winter so I just had to add a little something extra
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    OEM type passenger motor mount

    so i ordered a set of motor mounts off ebay and the passenger mount doesnt have the mounting flange to connect it to the engine. Now im thinking of returning them and just getting the single mount, but looking at the one sold from rock auto, it looks like it wont work with awr inserts based on...
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    still pulling, a lot, after alignment

    so after i got my new speed3 wheels and new tires on the car, it began pulling to the left quite a bit. both when on and off throttle. before the new set up the car would roll straight and pull right when throttle was applied. took it to get an alignment yesterday and there is no difference at...