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  1. sm1ke

    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Yep, I've been running it since the car had 22500 kms on it. No issues at all. I do need to clean it, and I plan to do that when I clean the rest of the engine bay, which I'll get to when the weather warms up a bit more around here.
  2. sm1ke

    Should I fix a dent on Machine Grey colour?

    Another user was able to hire a PDR tech to remove a dent in roughly the same spot (right on the fender line). However, he had a "softer" dent that didn't require paintwork. Judging by the deep scratches, even if you were able to pop the dent out, you'd still have those scratches. I think you'd...
  3. sm1ke

    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Changed my oil yesterday. I'm all out now, so I think I'll switch over to the Kirkland Signature 5w30 if it's still on sale. Maybe I'll run one more UOA on the Kirkland 5w30 sometime in 2022 (just to see if there's a difference).
  4. sm1ke

    Mike's 2018 CX-9 Signature

    So, bit of an oopsie. I did an oil change done yesterday because the maintenance monitor said it was due. My Maintenance Monitor is set for 8000 km OCIs, but generally I do my oil changes around the same time I do my tire changeovers, which is every March/April and Sept/Oct. Miles between OCIs...
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  7. sm1ke

    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    I believe the CE, GT and Signature all have LED "eyebrows" instead of the halogen bulb. This is based on the photos of each model on's builder. The Sport and Touring trims appear to have a thicker reflector where the bulb would be, while the other trims have a slimmer appearance.
  8. sm1ke

    Battery draw on 2021 CX-30

    Sorry to hear this is happening to you. As you mentioned above, the battery test they performed is not an ideal test because you had driven the car to the dealership, which would have charged the battery up. What the dealership should do IMO is give you a loaner vehicle so that you can leave...
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  10. sm1ke

    2.5T CX-5 Piggyback

    Same fuel in both? With the 2.5T, the engine pulls hard until about 4k RPM if you are fueling with regular (87 octane). If you're fueling with premium (93 octane), the engine will continue to pull hard past 5k RPM. *graphic compares 87 vs 93 on the earlier version of the 2.5T with 310 ft-lb of...
  11. sm1ke

    Clear Coat Peeling. So Pissed.

    Caller ID maybe? Wonder how else they would know if you have never been to a Mazda dealership before..
  12. sm1ke

    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Looks good! I guess this can only be done on the Sport and Touring trims.
  13. sm1ke

    The Car Care Thread

    If possible, I'd just take it back to the shop that did the body work and explain that that stain wasn't there before you dropped it off. It kind of looks like a spray on wax or sealant that wasn't wiped off. I would first try dish soap (try not to get the soap on the paint). If that doesn't...
  14. sm1ke

    Clear Coat Peeling. So Pissed.

    Just a note @Dmilli562, if you do end up contacting Mazda, unless they flat out ask you, let them believe that you are the original owner. It might help in getting them to goodwill the repairs.
  15. sm1ke

    Over-molded steering wheel grips?

    I thought I might find a 3D-printed insert or something on thingiverse, but I had no luck. Something to consider.. if you find grips to attach to your existing wheel, you'd need to specify to the company selling the cover that you plan to add over-molded grips. Since they won't be able to...
  16. sm1ke

    Clear Coat Peeling. So Pissed.

    As @Silly Wabbit suggested, it could be damage from the previous owner(s) that was repainted. Generally body shops don't use the same clear coat that is applied in the factory - its a lot less durable, and possibly even thinner than the factory clear. This could also be the result of someone...
  17. sm1ke

    Options for increasing power in a Mazda5?

    If the option is available, forced induction (turbocharge or supercharge the engine). Otherwise, basic bolt-ons (air intake, headers, exhaust) can increase hp/tq, but generally the increases are quite minimal.
  18. sm1ke

    Trade-Up? 2021 CX-5 or 2023 CX-5 (or CX-50)?

    You were temporarily banned for ignoring multiple moderator requests and warnings. This was all explained to you in the posts and conversation messages that led up to your ban, some of which have since been deleted/archived because you were indeed trolling and it was cluttering up the thread...
  19. sm1ke

    Clear Coat Peeling. So Pissed.

    I believe your car is a 2016 right? How many miles? Stored indoors or outdoors? Has the car ever been waxed? Where do you live? Have you talked to Mazda Corporate about the issue yet?
  20. sm1ke

    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    You can build some ramps out of 1x6 boards. An alternative is buying second-hand on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist/Kijiji.