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    This forum is awesome.

    I did some brake work on my wife's rav4 v6 over the weekend. (installed the required anti squeal shims that somehow went missing the last time the pads were changed at a shop) This involved spending a little time browsing rav4 forums. There are so many threads that are wrong, unanswered or...
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    2017~2021 LED tail lights are too damn bright.

    I followed a 2017 CX-5 to the store last night, stopping at a few red lights, and I couldn't help but notice that the tail lights/brake lights were way too bright. I couldn't wait to pass that 2017 and stop having those blinding red dots in front of me. Dear Mazda, (and especially Toyota and...
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    steering with your foot

    I've been playing a game while driving around lately. The game is to only turn the wheel once per corner and make all mid corner adjustments via the throttle. The CX-5's excellent throttle response make it very easy to do and this technique results in much smoother cornering than making...
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    Two-Speed America for Subaru and Mazda Looks like Mazda sales in north america won't be going up too much anytime soon.. Mazda is one of the only automakers that's 100% reliant on imports, and it will continue to be at the mercy...
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    solid proof that 2.0L SKY-G makes more power on premium fuel :)

    2.38% more power on 93 vs 87 octane. The study correctly concludes that most drivers will never feel a 3% increase in HP. However, the study fails to mention that under different environmental conditions the increase in HP could be greater. The study also does not look at how octane impacts...
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    2017 fuel economy

    I was checking to see if the 2017 CX-5 has received its EPA rating yet (it hasn't) but I noticed that the Mazda 6 has. Looks like the HWY fuel economy of the 6GT dropped 5MPG!! compared the the 2016 model. Most other cars only dropped 1-2MPG for 2017, but a 5MPG drop is pretty substantial. I...
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    2016 Miata Cx-5 owners poll

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    Thank you TPMS

    On my way to work yesterday my TPMS beeped at me and the light went ON. The tires looked fine from the outside and my tire pressure gauge was sitting in my garage, so I didn't get around to measuring the pressure till this morning. Sure enough, the left rear tire was at 25PSI. I pumped it up...
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    are these "adjustment items?"

    Update: All repairs will be covered as "good will", but I'll still owe the diagnostic fee. Hi everyone, I came here to vent my frustration with the dealer and to see what you guys think.. I dropped my car off at the dealer today to have him address a number of issues before my 36,000 mi...
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    Mazda Canada unlimited mileage warranty!

    This sounds way too good to be true.. but it looks like all 2015 Mazdas in Canada now come with Unlimited mileage warranty! Looks like the Skyactiv cars are holding up very well.. now if only this warranty existed in the USA.. and applied to older models..
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    CX-5 ECO mode activation

    I've been seeing a lot of threads about CX-5 fuel economy lately, so I thought you guys would be interested in this. I was reading the service manual during breakfast this morning before my drive to work and I found a procedure to enable the "SkyActiv ECO MODE" <a...
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    pulling out a stuck CX-5

    One of these days my FWD CX-5 is going to get stuck in sand, dirt or snow (not much mud around here, so that shouldn't be a problem) And when it does hopefully someone with a 4x4 will be there to help get it out. Anyone know where it would be possible to safely attach a tow strap?
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    is the CX-5 a feminine car?

    My cousin from Poland was shocked to find out how little I paid for my CX-5. (my CX-5 cost me 22780 OTD including financing costs, while in Poland a base model CX-5 is ~30k) So, I went over to the Mazda Poland website to check out the pricing, and I stumbled upon a couple of awards that the...
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    CX-5 blind spot

    My CX-5 has a large blind spot on the passenger side. Last week I was driving along on a multi-lane freeway and a Huyndai Genesis coupe was hanging out around the back right corner of my cx-5. I knew the car was there, because I saw it approching, but there were times when I could not see the...
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    ultragauge shows my p5 stuck in open loop.

    I got an ultraguage for my protege a month or so ago. The ultraguage has a little indicator which shows the current fuel system status (either closed or open loop). I have never seen the gauge show closed loop on my car. I tested the ultragauge on my gf's civic, and after about 5s from starting...
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    p0421: CA smog PASS :)

    Here is my story: At ~82k my 03 automatic protege got a p0421 code (warm-up cat efficiency bellow threshold). The car was running perfectly fine and getting up to 30mpg highway at 80+MPH. This past november at 105k the car had to pass the CA smog test.. but from what I read on here taking it in...