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    Headlight not always working

    The driver's side headlight )low beam) on our 2008 CX-9 Grand Touring is intermittently turning off. It usually starts ok, but goes out some time after running. Being that they are the Xenon bulbs, what is my course of action here? I only messed with it in the dark last night, and it didn't look...
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    Power window issue

    I pulled off the negative terminal yesterday and put it back on after a few minutes. Everything is working fine so far. Hopefully I won't have to tear the door apart. That is a pain.
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    Power window issue

    Our 2008 CX-9 is starting to show its age. I replaced the driver's door regulator a few months ago. This morning, the wife couldn't get the passenger front window to roll back up. It would go up a few inches, then go back down. The happened with both switches and when holding the switch or on...
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    Audio cutting out, popping in 2008 CX-9 with Bose sub

    Our 2008 CX-9 GT is having some audio issues as of late. The speaker in the driver's side door makes a loud popping sound sometimes. Also the audio stops entirely sometimes. Changing from FM to CD to Media does not get audio. It either comes back on after a few seconds or sometimes once the car...
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    Media button Aux in not working

    I've run into the same problem this week. I even switched out the headphone cable with no effect. The mode button on the steering wheel doesn't switch to it either.
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    Curt hitch

    I am looking to install a Curt hitch on our 2008. It did not come with the tow package. Will I need a wiring harness from Curt or Mazda?
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    New Tire Possibility For CX-9: Nitto 850 CUV

    I just put a set of these tires on our CX-9. I paid just over $700 installed. I've only had them on for a day, but the wife is happy. The stockers had about 27,000 on them and were ready to be replaced. The new tires are very quiet and she feels they were very good in the rain we had today.
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    Transmission fluid change "How To"

    Flushes are nice and all, but the transmission filter (I assume there is one) should be replaced as well.
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    Final Word on Transmission Oil?

    Amsoil's Universal Transmission Fluid meets those specs. I haven't looked up any others yet. I plan on doing our CX-9 pretty soon.
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    Mazda Heated Seats

    The wife likes the seats in my Speed6 better since they seem to heat up faster and get warmer than those in her '08 CX-9.
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    Yokohama 18" and 20" Tire Reviews

    Anyone know the expected tire life out of Pradas?
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    An "El Cheapo" Tire Thread

    The RSA's are the cheapest tire I've seen price-wise. You might be able to find some crap Wanli ones at a a no-name tire shop.
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    You can mount it where you think it will be out of the way and safe to reach.
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    The Mazda Sirius unit is quite pricey. I do not know what "pre-wiring" there is though. I think you might be thinking about the stereo having controls for the satellite unit. An aftermarket unit will most likely be cheaper, but will have to be mounted somewhere. We have our Starmate Replay...
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    Best Wax Money Can Buy Right Here

    There is no best wax. There is only the wax (or sealant) that works best for you. The best results come from the prep work such as claying, paint cleaning and polishing. The wax is just topping.
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    Oil change/fumoto valve

    I rotate my tires on the same schedule as the oil change (6,000-7,500 miles), so I have to jack the vehicle up. It also allows me to get under the car too look everything over.
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    Black Horse 2.5 bull bar

    Why would you want one of those on a CX-9? It's not a truck by any stretch of the imagination.
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    Oil change/fumoto valve

    The drain plug isn't hard to undo and it lets the oil flow nicely. I don't see the need for adding another part in the way.
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    Everyone's exterior color choice

    As I was filling up the tank (and gas cans) before Hurricane Ike, a guy walked up to me and said "That is a beautiful color." Everyone that sees it loves the way the color looks in the sun. Stormy Blue looks beautiful when polished and a few coats of sealant.
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    Defective Interior Metallic Door Handle

    When I took it in, the service manager said he hadn't seen that problem and would have to call Mazda. I handed him the TSB and after a quick glance, he said he'd order the parts right away. They are sitting at the dealership now. I just need to find the time to take it in.