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    Mazda3 2.5T Turbocharged AWD Mazda3 for 2021 model year

    I do hope that the 3's turbo is retuned for a different feel compared to the other current turbo cars. I have a CX-5 turbo. It has plenty of low end torque, but not a particularly fun engine to wring out, and it doesn't sound great either - it's definitely not an equal to the BMW or Audi turbo...
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    2019 turbo oil change warning

    Hi ya'll, The oil change warning message starting going off on my 2019 CX-5 turbo. The car is set to the "flexible" schedule. Wanted to see if this actively monitors oil level, or if it's just based off a set interval. The car was last serviced in February and I've only put on about 1300 miles...
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    Sig nappa leather maintenance?

    The Napa and GT/GTR leather do have a different finish and texture. The Napa is smoother and softer, and lacks the grain you'll find in the GT models. It's more similar to what you'll find in Lexuses. In terms of comfort, it's been the same to me. I liked the seats better in my 2016 GT than the...
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    Sig nappa leather maintenance?

    Anyone with a Signature have any tips for maintaining/clenaing the leather seats? The Nappa material feels and looks great, though it (understandably) appears to be a bit more delicate than the leather used in the GT and Reserve models. I've had my Sig for about six months and have periodically...
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    Signature mpg

    Just finished my first road trip, figured I'd share my mileage here... I now have about 2k miles on my 2019 Signature, after putting on about 500 miles driving up 95 from DC to Boston. On the trip, I averaged just over 27 mpg, hitting some congestion and stop and go, and spending the rest of...
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    Low-speed steering grinding noise

    Hi everyone, I've started to notice a grinding noise/feel coming from the steering at low speeds in my 2019 Sig. It's particularly apparent when I'm pulling in or out of my parking garage, where I turn lock to lock. Any idea of where this could be coming from, before I make a visit back to the...
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    2017~2021 Mazda CX-5 "Reserve" Bose System

    The sound quality for the 2019 Bose system seems good for the price. Compared to my 2016 CX-5's Bose system - the sound is much clearer (the 2016's quality was particularly blah for a branded system) but the 2019's sound seems much quieter when I have the volume turned to a similar setting...
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    Almost instant boot-up

    I had to take my car into the dealer and asked them to perform the update (picked up my Sig two weeks ago, has v 100, was manufactured 3/19). The service manager said theyll never perform any upgrades on the Mazda connect unless youre having issues. Anyone else heard that? Id like to be the...
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    Brown's in Fairfax. Had a great experience. Ourisman in Rockville and Koons in Silver Spring also gave similar quotes
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    2019 CX-5 Signature vs. Grand Touring Reserve

    I bought a Signature last week, and I'm really happy I spent the extra money over the GTR. I was coming from a 2016 CX-5 GT. The 360 camera's image quality is not great, but it's still been very helpful when parking in tight parallel spots or garages - I'm also a District resident :) The other...
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    Just bought a new 2019 Signature, Deep Crystal Blue MSRP: $37,935 Negotiated price: $35241 Loyalty rebate: $750 Positive equity from lease: $315 (I had only put on 20k miles on my lease to trade in, so the dealer bought it rather than returning it to Mazda Capital Services) Effective price of...
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    Questions for turbo owners

    Hello, Current owner of a 2016 CX-5, but my lease is up soon. Have my eye on the turbo, and wanted to see if owners think its worth the upgrade over the standard NA engine. - How does the turbo cruise and pass on the highway around 75-80 mph compared to the NA engine? Ive always thought my...