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    Replacing 2014 CX-5 GT halogen fog light bulbs w/LEDs

    Hey guys - I've got a 2014 CX-5 Grand Touring that seems to blow a halogen fog light bulb (H11) every 10 months or so. Anyone running LEDs in the fog light housing? Did you get it the LED bulb to fit in the projector? Did you need to install a resistor or some other gizmo to prevent error...
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    Ignition coil failure

    Well, just a couple of weeks on new plugs (yes, OEM plugs: see my post here) and the CX-5 strands my wife on a busy road. Check engine and TPMS lights on, engine shuddering and in "limp-home" mode. Towed to dealer (thanks AAA) and codes read #2 cylinder misfire, coil and plug are dead. I've...
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    CX-5 License Plate Frames - Mazda accessory 0000-83-R12

    SOLD!! for sale are two (2) gently used Mazda genuine accessories CX-5 license plate frames from my CX-5. Mazda part no. 0000-83-R12. On the car for less than two years and still looking nice. Brushed stainless steel finish with spacers and covers for the screws. What you see is what you...