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    WTB: MS6 Windshield res assembly

    Title says it all. going to redo my intercooler piping so that I can have a washer res back. If anyone has one laying around let me know what you want for it. they go on ebay for ~ 70$ trying to get away around 50$ shipped
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    Slow6's Build Thread (FOR SALE)

    2006 mazdaspeed 6. JBR rear MM Passenger MM JBR OCC JBR TIG's and EGR delete Ported blasted stripped intake manifold treadstone TR8 intercooler 2.5" piping HKS ssqv3 BOV TIAL 38MM EWG Hallman manual boost controller nurburgring 18x8 purple wheels stoptech drilled slotted rotors SPC ball joints...
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    Mazdaspeed 6 Low miles Built

    Mazdaspeed 6 Low miles Built 2006 Mazda Mazdaspeed 6 Sport Basic info Grey Exterior Black Cloth Interior Under 66,000 miles with only 15,000 miles on Dealership replaced engine with paperwork. 2.3L turbo Direct Injection 4 Cyl 6 Speed Manual transmission Premium Bose sound with 6 disc CD...
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    IDK how allowed this is.

    Gauging interest: I am starting a little business up on the side selling some legit jewelry (not stolen or anything, i am apart of a catalogue site that you have to pay for for access) I have to place the order then receive the items inspect and send them to the buyer and I don't carry stock...
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    Lug nuts and HKS flange for Mazdaspeeds

    So in my quest to go BT i have to get rid of some things. i have some gorilla Locking tuner lugs, i bought mcgaurd a while back so i don't need these. 50$ shipped and HKS adapter for the MS flange, i have hks flange on my custom FMIC so ill let this go for 25$ shipped. Prices are OBO so PM...
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    Ipod FM adapter

    looking for 46$ shipped (plus paypal fee's) no issues just upgraded to an AUX plug. goes for 69.99 brand new at walmart
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    Blacked out tails and BOV adapter.

    Black out tail lights. look pretty good give the black out job an 8/10. will not come with bulbs or plugs. 70 shipped OBO. HKS bov adapter. looking 25 shipped.
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    kindle fire

    I got it on a trade, figured it would be easier to sell than 2 cages. it works doesn't have much use time. no scratches. comes with charger and kickstand case. asking 175$ shipped OBO. PM offers don't post cause i don't check my posts.
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    MS6 s***. IC couplers, stock parts, rims wheel locks.

    All parts are open to offers. include shipping in offer. sorry about the pics photobucket hasn't updated i guess? Rims. no rash minor damage to centerline where tire mounting people fucked up. will come out with a sand blasting if your powder coating them. will be 175$ shipping any where in the...
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    MS6 under hood air ram and HKS SSQV BOV adapter

    asking 40+ shipping for ram, 26.50 shipped for BOV adapater pm if interested
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    Forged V1 BOV black

    Forged V1 BOV black for sale looking for 120 +shipping. upgraded my intercooler and using an hks BOV flange so no reason for this. has stock MS flange on it. all 3 springs are there!
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    STOCK MS6 intercooler. shroud, and RMM

    Title speaks for itself. looking to get 100$+ shipping for it all 75$ +shipping for intercooler and shroud both are painted black. (intercooler has the screw broken off in the mounting hole for shroud easy out will take it out no problem) (comes with cold pipe and couplers) and 25$+ shipping...
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    AEM CAI with hydrashield, stock TIH.

    title says it all. CAI is painted black (blame the jackass before me) if buyer adds 5$ and waits (money up front) i will powder coat it red or black. askin 20$ + shipping for TIH and 60$+ shipping for CAI.
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    Mazdaspeed 6 OEM rims 18" 5x114.3

    So I know the rules, with pictures and all but I'm posting this a little prematurely before I pull them off my car so I can get some hits and have minimial time of them stored in my house! The car is parked and they have about 60k miles, I don't drive the car any more, so no worries about damage...
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    Unichip PNP mazdaspeed 6

    Hey, just posting this around all the forums trying to see what I can get for it. I have a unichip PNP harness that is brand new never used. I had one prior on the car and I ended up crossing a wire and fried my old harness so they sent this one out (it only took them 4 months) meanwhile I...