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  1. J

    Anyone own the new CX-9 in AZ or NV on here?

    Looking to trade in our 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited with 40K miles on it for a new CX-9. We love the captains chairs and all the options (glass roof, big touchscreen and all the tech) BUT do not like all the little problems that have been springing up with it lately. AC went out, it was a...
  2. J

    New wheels and tires

    Here are a couple of shots of the new wheels and tires. They're 20x9 Axis Angle with +20 offset. Tires are Hankook Ventus AS 245 50 20. I thought I would have problems because of the offset and width, but they fit perfect. I'll post better pic's later <a...
  3. J

    Alignment Specs?

    I've looked online and also through other post and have not found the factory alignment specs for the CX-9. Does anyone have them or know where they are? I'm installing new wheels this weekend and am going to get it aligned while I'm at it. The dealer is charging me $100+ to get it aligned and...
  4. J

    Time for new brakes

    Just had the oil changed at the Dealer and they told me my brakes are 40% in the front and 30% in the rear. So I am looking at changing them soon. Since I'll also be getting new wheels, I am looking at Cermic brakes mainly for the lesses brake dust. I was looking at HAWK HPS Brake pads. Part...
  5. J

    Aftermarket rims for 2007 cx-9

    I am looking at putting new rims on my CX-9. I am looking at two different sets. First set is 20x9 Axis Angle wheels in Matt black +20 offset. I am pretty confident these will fit. I am more concerend with the second set I am looking at. 20x10 Axis Elite, Matt Black with a high offset +50. From...
  6. J

    18x8.5 axis halo black brand new in boxes

    Selling a set of 4 AXIS HALO in black 18x8.5 5x114.3 +35 for $650 obo plus shipping but local pick up would be better. PM me if intrested. Each wheel weighs 19.8 pounds and retail for about $300 each depending on where you get them.
  7. J


    I need new shocks on Speed6 was wondering what would be the cheapest way to go. I found a set on ebay Tockico Blues for like 220. It says it fits the Speed6. I'm not tyring to break the bank since I will be getting rid of it in within the next 6 months. Was wondering what options are out there...
  8. J

    Leaky front Diff

    I noticed my front diff is leaking fluid and was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. If so how easy is it to fix. I am assuming its probably just a gasket. Any thoughts?
  9. J

    Used gl5 instead of gl4 for tranny

    Does anyone know if I used GL5 in the Tranny if I have to have the tranny flushed or can I just drain it and refill it with GL4....It started to be harder to shift today and I double checked and GL5 was used. Thanks.
  10. J

    MS6 Clicking noise in the rear when I make turns

    My MS6 has been making a clicking noise mostly everytime I turn. It doesn't always do it, but its enough to be annoying. I took it into the dealer before my warranty was up and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Its lowered on stock shocks with the Mazdaspeed lowering springs and 18x7.5...
  11. J

    Speedline sucks

    So my wife bought me a badgeless grill for my Speed6 from a company called Speedline on ebay. I installed it exactly how the instructions said on new years eve. Was driving on the freeway and it happened, the stupid grill broke. I was going bout 65-70 and I saw something flapping around and I...
  12. J

    Ms6 shocks/struts and springs

    I got about 65K miles on my car and I am starting to look for a new suspinsion for it. Like with every part with this car, its a mission just to find what does and doesn't work. Anyway, does anyone know if the shocks/struts off a 6 would work? The coil overs are out of my price range but I found...
  13. J

    Mazdaspeed CAI filter

    Ok, so I have never cleaned by CAI filter and I know it needs it bad. I was looking at just getting a new filter, because I wasn't sure what product to use to clean it and the local mazda dealer doesn't carry it. But finding a stupid replacement has been confusing to say the least. I did find...
  14. J

    Interior stinks! And i know it aint me!

    So I got in my car a couple days ago and it smelled like something died in there. I drove it for about and hour with the AC on, I parked it for 5 hours and when I got back in it, it smelled horrible. I thought something crawled in to it and died. So I looked everywhere under the seats glove...
  15. J

    Did I break something?

    Hey Guys, I have a 2006 MS6 with 62k miles and I think I might have broken a mount or something. Last week I starting hearing a loud noise everytime I shifted. At first I thought it might have been the engine mount (I recently upgraded to a Medivel rear Motor Mount) So I thought it was that...
  16. J

    Front end alignment

    So I've been noticing my car pull to the right recently and I parked my car the other day with the wheels turned right and noticed my front right tire is all eaten up on the inside. I had the car aligned over a year ago and didn't think to get it re-done when I installed my new wheels and tires...
  17. J

    Ms6 Front Lip

    Has anyone else had a a hell of time finding a front lip kit other than the Auto Exe or replica Auto Exe or the do it your self HP front lip. Dont get me wrong they are both nice...but I wish I could find something thats a little nicer. I mean if you have a EVO or Sti or any other car besdies...
  18. J

    Just Installed Medieval Mount, Twm Ss1 And Ets 3.25 Top Mount

    So a while back I said I was looking at getting a new mount and Short Shifter and after much debate I opted for the Medieval Rear Motor Mount. I also wanted better shifiting so I went with the TWM SS stage 1. And then I came accross an ETS 3.25 Top Mount Intercooler that for the price I couldn't...
  19. J

    For Sale: Mazdaspeed 3 Rims

    SOLD: Mazdaspeed 3 Rims Selling a set of Mazdaspeed 3 rims with no tires and no tpms just the wheels. Asking $500 picked up in Anaheim Ca. I am also selling these on ebay. PM me for shipping charge if intrested... Wheels are clean, except for one that has a some curb rash. PM me with any...
  20. J

    Medieval Motorsports rear motor mount?

    I'm looking into getting a rear mount for my MS6 and came accross this on ebay. Is anyone using this mount? I have never heard of this company. It kinda looks like the AWR mount but it says it uses 65A Hot Poor Urethane and it suppose to hold like a 100 duro but 85% less vibrations. I was going...