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    2017~2021 Disable power folding mirror?! - 2019 CX-5 Signature

    Anyone know how to turn off the automatic folding mirrors? I don't have a spot in the garage at the moment so my vehicle is parked outside. We just got an inch of snow and some cold weather through Cleveland this week. I went out this morning to drive to work and my driver side power folding...
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    2017~2021 What is the best fuel for longevity of the 2.5 Turbo?

    I know Mazda says the car can run on either regular or premium octane. I'm not worried about the added HP or MPG. I'm more curious about which octane would help the engine/turbo last longer since I plan on driving this car for a long time. I also buy "top tier" gas and have been using Shells...
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    2017~2021 Speedometer/Dash Screen Glitching ('19 Signature)

    Here is a link to what was happening on my drive to work this week: Didn't seem related to vibration or anything. Happened a few weeks ago for my wife and then again a few days ago. It got even worse than the video shows for awhile and lasted about 15 minutes...
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    A new Challenger has entered the ring... The Mazda CX-8

    This is news to me! Here's the article:
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    2017~2021 Mazda Sales.... Not So Good

    Mazda tops the list of auto manufacturers struggling to make money. I really hope they start gaining traction again. Some articles rumored Toyota buying them out.
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    2013~2016 Machine Gray Chip Repair

    Pulled a bonehead move and while washing/waxing the new ride... I lifted my hood up while my wiper blades were lifted. Long story short I chipped the back of my hood with the metal wiper blade arm. I don't think it's down to bare metal, but I wanted some advice on chip/scratch repair. I dont...
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    2019 Signature - Rear seat (driver's side) wobble/jostle

    Not sure how else to describe it. Basically I decided to sit behind the driver's side to check leg room and the seat jostles a bit when applying pressure (sitting) back. When I lean forward and back again I can hear a noise and feel it move slightly. The noise sounds hollow (and kind of cheap...
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    Which fuel is better for 2.5 Turbo engine longevity?

    Picked up a CX-5 Sig over the weekend. I understand using regular fuel (87 octane) will reduce the horsepower (I think to around 227HP) and using premium fuel (91-93 octane) will increase the horsepower up to 250. My question is, what is the best fuel for the longevity of the engine? My...
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    2013~2016 Show me your winter wheels (and tires!)

    What to get for winter wheels/tires I live in the Midwest and winters can be pretty horrible. I was curious what winter tires and wheels you folks were buying for your CX-5s. I think I'm going to get the Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires since I've heard such great things about them. I want winter...
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    2017~2021 Vehicle protection and mild customizations for 2019 Mazda CX-5 2.5T

    Hey all! First post here. I'm purchasing a 2.5T Mazda CX-5 in July/August (when my 3 lease is up) and excited to keep this vehicle nice for a long time. I haven't decided between the GT Reserve or Signature yet but if the wife like the brown leather I might just go with the Sig. As a side...