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    Protege MAF sensor

    Came off a 2003 protege5 with 30k. $40 shipped USA Text 9173454448
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    Mazda MPV wiper stalk for intermittent. $45 shipped

    These Are plug and play for 3rd gen Proteges. Just the wiper stalk... $45 shipped. Text 9173454448
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    Dave B Gauge rings. Brush aluminum $75 Shipped

    These are the last batch of the Dave b brush rings. They are the best fitment available from Dave. $75 shipped USA. Text 917-345-4448
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    FS NYC : Protege guage surrund with LED, MPV Intermitten wiper stalk, and air flow

    Guage surrund. $ 20 plus shipping MPV Wiper stalk. $ 45 plus shipping Air flow sensor $ 40 plus shipping I'm located NYC
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    Need Protege5 Exhaust downpipe, and front side engine mount

    Hi.. im looking for the Exhaust downpipe... its an 'L' shaped pipe with an o2 sensor that connects the manifold and cat. Also i need the front side engine mount for a automatic Protege5. i'm located NYC. Please send pics and priced shipped to 11358. thanks.
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    How to remove STRIPPED Power steering lock nut?? HELP!!

    I just attempted to replace my belts, and i STRIPPED the power steering lock down bolt. It's the one thats behind the pulleys. Anyone have any tips on removing it??
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    How to install a Blinking Fake alarm LED>??

    Hello , my car was recently broken-into. I'm looking to install a blinking led light. I know how to connect to power, but how do i make the light blink when car is off?
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    WTB: 2001+ Protege passenger rear door glass(Triangle)

    My car was broken into last night. Need the passenger side rear little glass replace. Anyone have 1 FS or know how to replace??
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    FS: OEM Mazda6 Leather Headrest $75

    selling 1 OEM Mazda6 Leather headrest. asking $75
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    FS: Protege5 stuff For sale!

    Headlight switch-$ 40 SHIPPED USA Wiper switch-$ 40 SHIPPED USA Gorilla Chrome TUNER Lug nuts with KEY- SOLD! MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR-$75 SHIPPED Custom painted sunlight silver Gauge surround-$35 SHIPPED Delta 2 Way Alarm+Remote start. LCD Display-$100 SHIPPED JDM Style Shift knob-$25 SHIPPED
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    Tinted window ticket NYC

    Just got 2 Tinted window tickets today in midtown. 1 for the driver side front, and 1 for the passenger front window. The tickets are $95 EACH. My tints are 35%. I know they are illegal, but are they allow to summon 2 tickets for the SAME VIOLATION??? Cause both tickets has the SAME violation #...
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    FS OEM Protege5 MAF mass air flow sensor

    This MAF Sensor is in mint condition, with around 55K miles. OEM Protege5 part. Will work with all FS 2.0 engines. Asking $60 SHIPPED USA!!
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    How to test MAF Sensor?

    so lately my car's idle been very rough, almost wanna stall at light. How do i test if the MAF sensor is at fault? can i just unplug it, and drive to see if problem clears?? I have changed plugs, wires, coil packs. so now i think it's either EGR, Idle control valve or this MAF.also CEL code...
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    P5 Rough idle after warmed up.

    My 02 P5 with 55K miles start acting up lately. every morning after warmed up, the idle will drop to 200 RPM close to stalling. The rough idle will last about 5 mins, then everythings back to normal for the rest of the day. I have Put in NEW NGK Plugs, and seafoam 3 months ago. Now i will...
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    How to repair hatch trunk panel? and wrap liner carpet?

    My driver side hatch trunk panel(one with light attached) is cracked from me prying it to install my jdm tail lights. now, i will like to wrap it with carpet liner like other new car trunk panels. What do you recommand for repairing the crack? what type of glue is the stongest on plastics...
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    Any HVAC tech on forum?? Have question on installing thermostate

    Have question on installing thermostat.
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    WTB: Protege stock grill bolt.

    just need 1 of the 2 bolts that screw the stock grill on the bumper. Thanks
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    2003 P5 factory remote auto lock?

    just brought another P5 recently. It's a 2003 P5 with only factory remote.(No alarm lights). But i notice that it will AUTOLOCK by itself. If i unlock the car and wait, it will autolock itself after maybe 10-15 seconds. My other P5 it's 2002, and it never do that. Is there any...
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    Engine mount leak??

    Can anyone ID what that fluid leak is?? Does out engine mount have fluids inside?? also what parts is need to repair, and how hard is it??
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    WTB: P5 Passenger Headlight+ Silver Front Bumper

    Looking for a Passenger Headlight+ Silver Front Bumper for my 2003 P5, Prefer pick-up in the tri-state area. Thanks