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  1. BMSport

    2016 Signature leaking coolant

    Hey guys, This weekend the CX-9 started leaking and burning coolant. I took a look at the engine bay and I couldn’t find a leak around the any of the hoses. However, it seems to be leaking from the firewall side. I’ve made an appointment with the dealer, for this coming Saturday. I’ve been...
  2. BMSport

    2016~2021 A/T Tires 255/70r18 (32s) or 265/65r18 (31.5)

    Hi everyone, I’m thinking of buying stock 18” rims for some A/T tires, looking at 255/70r18 and 265/65r18. I was wondering if anyone here had this setup. Any input would be welcomed. 2016 Signature current setup Stock 20” Michelin premier LTX 255/50
  3. BMSport

    H&R and Shocks

    Hello people, I was wondering what shocks would pair well with H&R springs. I have close to 30k on the O.E.M shocks but wanted to replace them when i got the new springs.