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    How Close is the Cx-5 to your previous LUXURY CAR!?

    Hi guys, 2-3 years ago I posted my Honda CRV 2007 wanting advice from the masses about if I should trade or not. Well I didn't then, and I'm sure glad I didn't, because the 2013, 2014, 2015 versions of the CX5 came and went and now we have the 2016 Mazda CX-5 and it's amazing. But I can't...
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    Are there any CX5 owners who have NO hood shake?

    Mirror shake or any shakes at highway speeds? Haven't bought one yet, but I really want one. This problem seems to be prevalent enough that I may put a clause in my buyers agreement from whom ever i purchase from that if those things happen They guarantee to fix it.
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    CX-5 Running Boards?

    Does anyone have any installed on their CX 5. I'm not talking about the corn-ball ones that extend away from the body of the vehicle. The ones that make the vehicle look like an BMW X3 or X5 Do you have pics? Thanks guys
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    Post Pictures of Your Mods, Upgrades and Accessories!

    I see lots of posts about mats, skins, but no one has pictures! Can we start? This way the entered CX 5 Community can Swag up together! I can't start yet because I still have My Honda CRV which I haven't sold yet Unless you want to see my accessories In any case, shall we begin?
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    On Track to Purchase a CX5....then I saw a 2014 Jeep Cherokee

    Packages may cost 2-3K more based on how you option but realibility may be better. I currently have a Honda 2007 CRV and would hate to get a Lemon CX5 with the 1) Hood rattle 2) Mirror rattle 3) Rough idle All new cars have issues though, making me think I should wait a bit...
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    HELP me Buy a NEW MAZDA CX-5...Please~

    Hey guys, I live here in Brooklyn New York, I have a Honda CRV EXL 2007 In Great condition. Currently trying to sell it myself as per the advise of the members on here (thanks guys) Currently listed on Autotrader and Anyway. I was looking at the forum thread about the price people...
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    How do you PROTECT your CX-5?

    I have Honda CRV and in the process of trading in or selling to purchase the CX-5 I have front and rear guards on it but I don't want to add use "body-changing" accessories to the CX-5 when I get it, 1) Anybody add front and rear guards on their CX-5? Do you have any pics? I found this on...
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    Would you Trade-In This for a CX-5?

    I'm about to do it! I have a Honda 2007 EX-L in Great condition. No issues 51,000 miles. Does anyone have any trade in advice? What about private selling advise? How much you think I should sell it for? The Mazda is not a "need" it's a want. So there is no rush What car did you trade? Your...