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    the ol' protege rust..

    i forgot to update on this. i ended up biting the bullet, and replacing the rear quarts last summer. car is still running alright, bit of an engine tick when im not using premium but other than that its pretty good. the only visible rust i have now is on the trunk, right where the spoiler hits...
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    What have you done to your Protege today?

    was at a car/truck show over the weekend, couple vendors so i had a sticker/decal made that says "one rust spot at a time" lol, put that on the rear bumper today.
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    p5 aftermarket exhaust

    hey everyone. need a new exhaust for my 01 ES, saw a guy selling one off his 03 p5. any idea if it should fit or not? i know thats not alot to go on.
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    Any interest in auto to manual swap thread?

    Very interested in this thread. My 2001 is starting to kick the bucket. But just down the street, is a 2002 es automatic... but... it only has 40,000! And is in amazing condition. However, now that i drive stick i dont want to go back to automatic. Is it just the tranny that i would need from my...
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    2002 Mazda Protege Dx Build

    Right on man nice find actually.. should be minimal if not zero rust on that thing too if its from florida. Good find.
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    e brake cable

    Hey everyone, looking for a bit of help. Im pretty positive i snapped my ebrake cable today, heard the snap and now the lever has no pressure its just loose. I took the cover off, and the cable is still attached to the lever. I checked the actual rear brake and its still attached aswell, also...
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    Protege High Mileage Club

    Wowww some big numbers here. My 01 ES is at 227033km. No major problems knock on wood.
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    New Mazda protege Es rear deck audio

    When i put in my subs and speakers, deck etc i blew a fuse that took out my brake lights, although i didnt lose power to my rear speakers. Thats kinda weird. Check your wiring back there for the speakers, and have a look to see if you blew a fuse for the brake lights. This fuse is located under...
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    Fan only runs on high

    Oh awesome a nice easy fix. Right on, thankyou.
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    Fan only runs on high

    Lately my fan will only run on the highest setting. Any idea what would cause this or how i would go about fixing it? Gotta figure it out soon before the hot weather comes. Thanks
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    I used to own a cool P5...

    Yeah mines a 2001, made the decision last summer. You could literally stick your finger thru the fender they were that shot. So i coughed up the $900ish and did it. I dont regret it, i couldnt stand looking at it, it was very depressing. I ice fish alot, so when winter hits the subs come out...
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    2.8l vr6 swap? possible??

    So my buddy is getting rid of his 2.8L vr6 from his jetta, tranny aswell. Would it be possible to swap it in to my 01 ES? Its got pretty low Ks, and im sitting around 23####. How difficult would this be? Has anybody done this or knows somebody who has? Hes got the fuse box and everything to go...
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    kijiji rant

    Im getting so annoyed with trying to buy used rims off kijiji, or any other general buy and sell site. Nobody seems to ever know wtf they are selling and its driving me insane. I know sometimes they came with the vehicle, but theres no way thats the case with all of them. It takes 5 back and...
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    I used to own a cool P5...

    Not all mazdas rust out if theyre looked after properly and oil sprayed every year. Man theres this old lady who lives down the steet from me and owns a protege ES i think its a 2001 it looks identical to mine only this thing has not a single speck of rust. I offer to buy it from her allllll the...
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    SubWooFer setting up help!

    Yeah just attach it somewhere in the trunk. Also youre missing the remote wire remember, dont forget to grab one when you go and pick up a ground wire.
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    SubWooFer setting up help!

    Thats funny, exact same subs as mine except mine are 10s. I had to leave enough room in the trunk to fit a stroller lol. And yes, for the rcas match the white to white, blue to red obviously. The other end will plug into the back of the headunit. Pop the hood, look at the firewall. I used a...
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    SubWooFer setting up help!

    Also.. please make sure that when you are doing any messing around with your subs, that you pull the fuse out!!!! Even when you run the power cord, dont put in that fuse until youre ready to go. And yes, what he said ^^^^ im on the blue wire. Again, not the best when it comes to trying to...
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    SubWooFer setting up help!

    Then youre in good shape. Pop out the head unit, ull see a port for rca cables. Plug in, run that cord back to your trunk to your amp. And also you need to decide how you want to run your subs. I recommend bridged. I find you get more power.. IMHO. To do that, take a speaker wire. Connect the...
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    SubWooFer setting up help!

    Do you have an aftermarket stereo already? You can buy an adapter if you have a stock head unit to convert for rca wires. I dont recommend it though. All it does is takes your bass from your speakers, and sends it to your subs. You just disconnect the speaker wires at your rear 6x9s, those wires...
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    Blown Head Gasket/ Preffered help, please

    I hear yah buddy.Im only 24 I make a huge 12.00/hr, my gf works part time and is in college part time, rent is $910 for my townhouse + gas and hydro. Car insurance, gas, food,weekend beer etc..And we have a 1.5yr old. Times arent easy brother. The struggle is real... Personally i would hang onto...