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    Lewis7789's 1993 Mazda MX-6 build thread

    Hey guys, figured I'd make yet another build thread for a car I said I wasn't going to mod... I picked up a 1993 MX-6 LS a friend found on Craigslist for $500. It had some front end damage and leaking oil pretty badly. My one friend drove an hour to check it out and test drive it, then brought...
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    GT-Spec rear trunk brace (sedan only), KL04 Maf sensor and window regulator

    Hey guys. I have an old OG orange GT-Spec rear trunk brace for sale. These are very rare and haven't been made in years. It is missing the strut tower bar but that could be made pretty easily, perhaps even using an eBay rear strut bar (for the MX-6). I've never installed this trunk brace but I...
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    Lewis7789 MS6 GT build thread

    Hey guys. I figured I would start a build log for my MS6 I said I wouldn't mod. haha. Back story of how I bought the car; I bought this MS6 from a friend who owned it for about 6 months, who bought it from the original owner and was completely stock. My friend did some mods to it (has an MS3 as...
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    JDM KLDE and rebuild USDM MX-6 transmission plus other new parts (Akron, OH)

    SOLD! Hey guys. I decided to sell my P5 project to my friend who already has a KLZE so mine is up for sale. Included is; -JDM KLDE (170hp). Wrinkle black valve covers and silver intake mani. -USDM MX-6 rebuilt transmission with all new synchro's Brand new; -Clutch Masters Stage 3 clutch...
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    Protege KLZE/KLDE V6 swap thread

    Hey guys. There are more and more KL swapped Protege's out there but the info is scattered all over so I though this would be a good thread to keep general info in one spot and ask questions during your swaps. Please don't PM me with questions. Some general info about the Mazda KL series; JDM...
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    RX-8 18" wheels, tires and TPMS

    SOLD! A mod can lock this up now. Thanks! Hi guys. I'm selling a set of RX-8 wheels, tires and TPMS sensors already mounted (for you fancy pants guys who need them with your car. lulz) The wheels are 18x8 +50 offset. The tires are Sumitomo HTR Z II sized 225/45-18 with about 30% tread left...
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    June 10th Mid-Ohio Track Day (Hosted by AutoInterests)

    Hi guys. AutoInterests is hosting a track day at Mid-Ohio for Monday June10th. Deposits have been sent and the day is reserved, horay! The event will cost $235 for cars registered before May 17th and $275 if registered on/after May 18th. For registration info please follow this link...
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    Protege Rear Strut Bar differences between Type-1 and Type-2?

    Hi guys. I was about to order up a new rear strut bar (and calendar) and was wondering what the differences between the Type 1 and Type 2 versions are? I don't mind spending the extra $10 if it's worth it. Thanks in advance! ps- I love my exhaust, shifter bushings, and exhaust hangers. ;)
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    Medina Mazda Meet (Wednesday, December 5th) 7pm NEOhio.

    Hey guys. It was a hoot meeting the new Meeps Patrick and Sho so why not another meet? Decemebr 5th Wednesday 7pm @ On Tap Grille in Medina 2905 Medina Road Medina, OH 44256 I figure Medina is close enough for the Cleveland and Akron guys to meet up. Attending List; pmartz16 - Patrick...
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    Sparco steering wheel and hub.

    Hey guys. I bought this Sparco wheel from another member about 1.5 years ago, ran it for a couple months in my last P5, pulled it out when I sold the car and it's been hanging in the garage for months. It does have two buttons on it I had hooked up machine guns and rocket launchers. It was a...
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    Medina Monday Mazda Meet Nov 19th (monday)

    Hey everyone. We're having a get together for dinner to meet the new local Mazda cats (Patrick/black Speed3 and Sohan or Sho for short/silver Speed3) and all are invited/welcome. :) We're meeting at BW3's in Medina at 7pm near 18 and 71. Here's the addy to BW3's 5050 Eastpointe Drive Medina...
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    Brand new CR3 kick plate ~ $45 shipped

    SOLD Hey guys. I bought two CR3 kick plates from the GB to get things moving quicker. Because I'm impatient like that. lulz. So up for sale is the extra one I bought. It's the brushed finish and looks great. My PayPal addy is; Lewis7789 @ It will ship out USPS flat rate box the...
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    FS: CHEAP! Maf sensor, 626 intake manifold, header, P5 radiator/fans, 1.8 coil pack

    Hey guys. I'm doing another KL swap so these FS-DE parts are up for sale. Everything worked perfectly fine when the motor was pulled. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. My PayPal address is Lewis7789 @ Everything will be packaged very well and shipped via FedEx...
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    The Ohio Auto-X and Track Event chat thread

    This thread is for Auto-X and Track day chat in the Ohio and surrounding areas. I'll try to keep this first post updated with relevant links and a schedule. If you want me to update anything or post an event please let me know. Thanks! Club List: Cincy SCCA Akron Sports Car Club - NORA Racing...
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    July 1st Auto-X (Geauga Lake, Aurora OH)

    I figured I'd start a thread for the July 1st Auto-X. Info up in here; Who is coming?
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    SuperFly Sunday 2012 discussion thread (Akron, OH)

    Hey guys. I'll keep this first post updated with SuperFly Sunday meet locations and times. NEW LOCATION (5/17/2012) - 366 Waterloo Rd Akron, Ohio 44319 SuperFly's Facebook Page *disclaimer- I'm not affiliated with SuperFly or EuroVagens in any way, shape or form. :)
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    Lots o' Protege parts (mostly OEM) and a few goodies.

    Hey guys. I need to clean out the garage and basement and I finally took pics of everything. I sold my silver P5 and a lot of these parts are from my new black P5. Everything is priced to sell so I can afford more parts for my black P5 money pit. heh-heh My PayPal addy is Lewis7789 @
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    Protege, MSP, MP3 DaveB rings (real DaveB's)

    SOLD! Hey guys. I had these DaveB rings on my silver P5 and kept them to swap over to my black P5 but the new one already has them. So this set is up for sale. These are legit, real, 100% DaveB rings, not the knockoffs. DaveB is a friend of mine and can vouch for these. These are the brushed...
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    WTB: Mazda6 REAR brake calipers

    Hey guys. Looking to upgrade my Protege5. I'm looking for 2006-2011 Mazda6 rear brake calipers. I have PayPal ready. Please quote me shipped to 44236. Thanks!
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    (OH) Like new, black Drag 34 wheels w/ Falken tires and TPMS installed

    Hey guys. My dad bought these wheels (Drag model#DR34 18x8 +35, Falken ZE512 sized 225/40-18) new from Discount Tire 7/25/2011 for $1,385.00. He sold his Mazda3 for a Jeep (face palm) so he wants to sell his wheels. He ran them for about 3 months before he put his stockers back on for the winter...