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    Ended up going with the Acura RDX...

    Howdy, I'm a longtime Mazda fan and have posted here quite a bit off-and-on. After putting off a decision on my next car for as long as I could, I finally pulled the trigger on a 2021 RDX A-Spec SH-AWD. I test drove the CX-5 an CX-9 one last time the week before buying and it affirmed that...
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    New competitor: 2021 Toyota Venza

    Just announced yesterday. The original Venza was a forgettable wagon thing that was discontinued years ago, but they brought it back as a proper mid-size crossover. I usually rag on Toyota's awful aesthetics, but the new Venza looks quite sharp. The rear profile, in particular, reminds me of...
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    LOL @ Rav4

    What a mess they have compared to the CX-5: An engine block recall A gas tank defect affecting 75% of owners, according to a poll on RAV4World. Privacy concerns regarding their Safety Connect feature Charging people a monthly subscription for a remote start app that doesn't work Various...
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    Why is Mazda-Australia so much more successful than Mazda-USA?

    Just read this article, where Mazda ranks #1 in service in Australia. Combine that with the fact that CX-5 is Australia*s best-selling SUV, they must be doing something right down under. I realize the markets are different, but still. You don*t have to look beyond their awful marketing...
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    Can you use traffic sign recognition without HUD?

    Im not a fan of HUDs. On the 2017-2018 CX-5s, do the signs show up on the dash instrumentation? I tried cycling thru the menu on a test drive but didnt see it.
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    Did anyone cross-shop CX-5 with the new Tiguan?

    I'm lining up test drives for a new compact crossover and the CX-5 turbo is at the top of my list, but the new Tiguan caught my eye when I noticed that the dealerships in my area (DC) advertise an up front discount of 15% off MSRP, meaning I can get a maxed out 2019 for under $35k. I never...
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    Has anyone looked into 2019 Signature retrofits?

    I saw the thread about the frameless mirror. What about some of the other Signature features, like the ambient lighting, wood trim, etc.?
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    Any non-engine related reasons to wait on 2019?

    Ive been holding out hope for a turbo engine in 2019, but assuming thats not in the cards, are there any other reasons to hold out for a 2019? Perhaps a lesser feature or ironing out any notable kinks? I know the ACP situation, so lets avoid that topic. :)
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    Has anyone ever received a dealer quote for a factory nav install?

    Yeah, yeah, I realize it's better just to buy a Pioneer or something and go that route. But I'm just curious if anyone's tried to get a deal on the factory nav after purchasing the car.
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    Is Homelink rearview mirror easy to install?

    The dealership quoted me $200 to install the homelink mirror. Has anyone tried installing it themselves? Would it be cheaper if I took it to a car stereo place to have it done? Thanks!
  11. J

    Anyone Found a Piano Black Double-DIN Dash Kit Yet?

    Sorry, but I can't stand the basic plastic Scosche kit that's available. I emailed Scosche telling them that it doesn't match the car -- and they said they don't plan to produce a piano black one. So (eekfu) them. Has anyone found a different dash kit company who produces a piano black kit...
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    Non-HID Headlight Bulb Suggestions?

    Hey all, I'm disappointed in the performance of the stock non-HID headlights. I don't want to mess with buying an HID upgrade kit, but I'm thinking some aftermarket bulb replacements might help. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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    How-To Install LED Side Mirror Turn Signals

    No thanks to the selfish members who have done this already and failed to provide comprehensive details despite the high level of interest, I installed LED mirror turn signals this weekend. Here's how I did it... Time: 2 hours Difficulty: Moderate Supplies: Flathead screwdriver Torx...
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    LED Mirror Turn Signals: Paint quality from

    I plan on purchasing the turn signal mirrors, but I'm torn between the two options: 1) Buy from from, where they'll paint them for $35 based on your car's Mazda color code. Pros: I have the Touring edition, so this gives me the opportunity to have color-matched mirrors...
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    Stainless Steel Door Scuff Plates

    In case anyone is curious, I emailed the folks here for information about the stainless steel door scuff plates that are now available in the US. They sent me a PDF of the installation procedure. Good news: Apparently you just adhere them to the current black plastic scuff plate! I plan on...
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    Windshield Mounted DVD Players?

    Are there any slim DVD players out there that come with a window mount similar to the portable GPS systems??? I've seen plenty of headrest DVD players, but that's not exactly what I'm looking for.
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    Possible to Replace Mazda Navigation Drive?

    Has anyone ever seen the Mazda navigation drive replaced by an aftermarket remote-mount GPS system? I'm positive that modifications would need to be made in order to integrate it with a Mazda factory touchscreen headunit, but I wonder if anyone has ever been successful. Thanks!
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    Question about CX-7 Navigation System Parts

    I have the oppourtunity to buy the OEM navigation head unit for my CX-7 on the cheap (basically, this part). However, I've been told that I'd need two additional parts to make the navigation system work: 1) The GPS receiver, and 2) The navigation drive. So I ask these two questions: 1)...
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    Playing DVD's on OEM Navigation System?

    Is anyone aware of a mod for the OEM navigation system to play DVDs??? I've been told stuff like that is common, but I haven't seen a mod for the CX-7 yet.
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    Will AuxMod Work with Tech Package?

    Does anyone know if AuxMod will work with the OEM CX-7 tech package?