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    WTB: MS6 Windshield res assembly

    Title says it all. going to redo my intercooler piping so that I can have a washer res back. If anyone has one laying around let me know what you want for it. they go on ebay for ~ 70$ trying to get away around 50$ shipped
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    Mazdaspeed 6 Low miles Built

    Close end..
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    Mazdaspeed 6 Low miles Built

    If the Car isn't sold or offered on by sunday 1/12/14 take it down mods
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    Mazdaspeed 6 Low miles Built

    Thanks hopefully she goes fast and some one actually had time to enjoy her
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    Slow6's Build Thread (FOR SALE)

    2006 mazdaspeed 6. JBR rear MM Passenger MM JBR OCC JBR TIG's and EGR delete Ported blasted stripped intake manifold treadstone TR8 intercooler 2.5" piping HKS ssqv3 BOV TIAL 38MM EWG Hallman manual boost controller nurburgring 18x8 purple wheels stoptech drilled slotted rotors SPC ball joints...
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    Mazdaspeed 6 '06 //Blue//

    GREAT color!
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    Mazdaspeed 6 Low miles Built

    Forgot to add that it comes with the OEM mazdaspeed car cover as well... I am open to offers, and don't get on the forum much, so If you have an offer shoot me a text/email. I am looking for a quick sale with my time running out in the military.
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    New Products for the Mazdaspeed6 Due to Popular Demand!

    how about those injectors derrick! lol
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    Thinking of purchasing a MS6

    I'm selling my ms6. never even seen snow. (started in TX and went to CA) check out my FS. w/ 100K miles plus I would just make sure all the fluids have been changed and what not.... people seem to abuse these cars.
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    Thinking of purchasing a MS6

    What is milage?. we need more info! BTW my ms6 is froshale
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    Mazdaspeed 6 Low miles Built

    This is a Best offer Thread, I do owe money on a loan and I need to get out from the loan is the reason for selling.
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    Mazdaspeed 6 Low miles Built

    Mazdaspeed 6 Low miles Built 2006 Mazda Mazdaspeed 6 Sport Basic info Grey Exterior Black Cloth Interior Under 66,000 miles with only 15,000 miles on Dealership replaced engine with paperwork. 2.3L turbo Direct Injection 4 Cyl 6 Speed Manual transmission Premium Bose sound with 6 disc CD...
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    Unichip PNP mazdaspeed 6

    mark buy this!!!!! we can make a deal! lol
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    IDK how allowed this is.

    There won't sell till I get enough interest and approval.
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    IDK how allowed this is.

    Gauging interest: I am starting a little business up on the side selling some legit jewelry (not stolen or anything, i am apart of a catalogue site that you have to pay for for access) I have to place the order then receive the items inspect and send them to the buyer and I don't carry stock...
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    Unichip PNP mazdaspeed 6

    PM'd get it off my hands!
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    Ipod FM adapter

    35$ shipped!!
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    Lug nuts and HKS flange for Mazdaspeeds

    mods will you move to general f/s and change title to "Lug nuts and HKS flange for mazdaspeeds"
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    1st Gen MS3 cpE RMM, aeroforce scan gauge, MS3 CAI

    off topic like hell but your in yuba city. im in marysville. shoot me your number if you wanna get in on some good Mazdaspeed action!