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    Water Pump Location for Gen 2 CX 9

    Can someone please confirm for certain that the water pump is an external design, unlike the gen 1 internal design? Dont want to play another game of water pump Russian Roulette. Thanks!
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    2012 CX9 with 75k Miles - Too Late to Switch to Synthetic Oil?

    Hello, All. Has my CX9 since brand new in 2012 and always used conventional 5W-20. Picked up some oil at Wal Mart the other day and noticed the synthetics are almost the same price as conventional these days. Id like to switch, but Ive read some older cars that have always used conventional...
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    Time to Sell or Keep 2012 CX 9?

    Hello, All! Thank you very much for the input, I've learned so much here about my wife's 2012 CX 9. We bought it new and now has 75k miles and running perfect with no issues whatsoever. Last year at 60k I changed the spark plugs myself, and now being at 75k I just changed the rear diff fluid...
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    How to Flush Power Steering Fluid?

    Hello, All. I have a 2012 CX 9 and want to flush out the power steering fluid. I cant figure out which one is the return hose (to bleed) and where is the location for access? Any pics or description would be great, please. Thanks!
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    Want to Bleed Brake Fluid - What Size Wrench for Bleeder Valves?

    Can someone please tell me what size box wrench to use to turn the bleeder valves when bleeding brake fluid? Are the front / rear valves same size in my 2012 CX9? Thanks!!!
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    2007~2015 Part Identification Help Please

    Hello. I changed the rear wiper motor on my 2012 CX9. I realized that I lost the outside rubber gasket / grommet, and I want to order one, but can*t find the part number. Can anyone please help identify the P/n?Hopefully you can see the the image where I need the gasket. Thanks!!!
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    Can't Reply to Text Messages - Delete Doesn't Sync

    Hello, All. I have a 2016 CX5 with Nav. My iPhone 6 synchs fine via BT, and it reads the text messages. However, the reply button is always grayed out. Also, when I chose to delete the text, it warns me that the text will be deleted from the phone,but it never does. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Text Messages Grayed Out in Communications

    Hi, All. Loving my new 2016 CX5 GT. I have the navigation infotainment center and can successfully pair my iPhone 5C. All the contacts always sync, I can dial by name, etc. Since I purchased the vehicle, I cannot get the SMS to work. As my title says, Text Messages is Grayed out under the...