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    Continue to have issues with my CX-9 and don't know what to do; please help!

    We bought a brand new 2017 CX9 Grand Touring 2WD and it has been quite a headache for the last two years. Did we get a lemon or are these normal problems? We own a Toyota that is a 2012 (original owners) and we've never had one single problem with that car. It started with oil leaking. One...
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    Is this a good price for a 2017 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring FWD?

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    Have the A/C "issues" been resolved with the 2017 model?

    I am looking strongly into the CX-9 and will be test driving this weekend. It seems like a perfect car with one exception...I have read concerns with the A/C for the 2016 model. I live in Dallas, TX where it was already 89 degrees yesterday, so needless to say A/C is VERY important. I heard...