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    FS: Leftover MP3/MSP parts - ALL FREE!

    Hi folks, I sold my MP3 last year and I found a box in my garage this last weekend that has a few leftover parts. Rather than toss it in the trash, I figured I'd put it up here for free to someone who may actually use them. Just pay shipping and it's yours. Price : Free + shipping on all...
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    MSP Performance Parts - Steedspeed, PEP, Fidanza, Brakes, etc.

    I recently sold my MP3 Turbo, so I have no need for the various parts I've been hanging onto. Prices do NOT include shipping. Please PM or text me at 319-296-5280 with your zip code for a shipping quote. Items Remaining as of 12/8/2018 - NEW PRICE DROP!! 10. Silicone Couplers w/ T Clamps -...
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    2001 MP3 Turbo - Yellow #1071

    The time has come for me to sell my MP3 Turbo and move on to something else. This car has been amazing and I will miss it tremendously. For those of you familiar with the MP3, you likely know that only 1500 total MP3's were produced in 2001, and only 500 came in yellow! This is as rare of a car...
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    A/C Recharging issues

    So I had to evacuate my A/C to remove the evaporator unit in order to fix a nasty water leak I had behind the dash on the passenger side (cracked body seam). That job is all done, but now I'm struggling with getting the A/C recharged. I rented a vacuum pump and gauge kit from AutoZone, and...
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    Replacement exhaust hangers??

    So my CorkSport exhaust hangers finally gave up.. After about 10 years of holding up the exhaust they snapped and the rubber is all crumbled. My question is, who still sells urethane hangers for the Protege? I can't seem to find them anymore...
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    Someone save this car!

    This isn't my sale, but a friend forwarded it to me.. I used to live in Iowa and would see this car all the time when it was still stock. Thought someone here might live close and be interested in one of the few remaining spicys.. It doesn't look bad on the outside and apparently only needs a...
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    **MSP Rear Brake Calipers w/ Brackets -- BEST OEM UPGRADE for Protege owners!!**

    I have a fully functional (that includes the e-brake mechanism) set of rear MSP brake calipers with brackets for sale. I bought these for my MP3 in hopes of doing an OEM BBK upgrade along with MZ6 fronts, but have decided to simply rebuild my OEM caliper and keep the brakes stock. This sale is...
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    626 Rear Brake Calipers w/ PosiQuiet Pads - Upgrade for P5/MP3 owners!

    As most of you know, the MSP has bigger brakes than the other Proteges, but MSP brakes are rare and rather expensive so it's not a viable upgrade for most of us. However, the 00-02 626 uses the same size rotor as the MSP with almost the same brake pad surface area, which makes this a cheap OEM...
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    AWR rear mount, OEM coils w/ wires, Turbolife MAF relocation kit

    I've decided against installing these parts, so I'm putting them up for sale. Prices are there, but will consider reasonable offers if you're serious. 1. AWR rear motor mount - $65 + shipping *SOLD* 2. OEM coils w/ wires - $30 + shipping *SOLD* 3. Turbolife silicone MAF relocation kit - $30 +...
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    **Garage cleanout** Random Protege parts for CHEAP!

    All parts are best offer, so just shoot me a PM and we'll go from there. Not looking to make a ton of money, just want these parts gone. 1. JL Audio 8W3v2-D2 subwoofer 2. Stock LX A-pillars 3. P5/MSP open style cupholder *SOLD* 4. P5 cluster surround bezel *SOLD* 5. P5/MSP Lower steering column...
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    How To: Fix your broken MSP RacingHart Center Caps!!

    So I recently broke one of my RH center caps while working on my car.. and I decided to try and come up with a way to fix them. We all know how rare they are to find used, and they cost an arm and a leg to buy new from the dealer, so here is what you can do if you find yourself in the same...
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    MZ6/626 Brake Upgrade - Rotors and Pads?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone on here had done the "OEM BBK" upgrade with MZ6 fronts and 626 rears, and if so, what rotors/pads did you go with and where did you buy them from? I found a set of low mileage calipers with brackets at a local junk yard and would like to do the upgrade to...
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    WTB: Broken MSP Racing Hart Center Caps!

    As title says, I'm looking to pick up some broken center caps in an effort to restore them. PM me if you have some and let me know how much you want for them, I'll take both MSP and MP3 caps at the right price. Thanks.
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    Quick question.. is this a MSP LSD?

    As the title says, can anyone confirm this is really an OEM MSP differential? I had an MSP LSD lying around but had to sell it to help me with moving expenses a few year back, and I don't remember it being like this one. Something about the inside seems a bit off, is this a revised (or...
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    PEP Stock Replacement Exhaust Manifold - w/ EGR & V-band EWG

    Hey guys, I have a brand new uninstalled Pope (PEP) manifold for sale. The plan was to install this in combination with one of his downpipes but my priorities have changed so I have decided to sell it. The manifold is T2 flange, is made of 304SS and comes "fully loaded" with all the options...
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    Looking for Audio advice!!

    Ok guys, I don't know where to post this since this entire forum doesn't really have any serious audio discussion, so I'm gonna try my luck here.. feel free to make suggestions if you know of other sections of the forum that are more actively involved in audio discussion. To make a long story...
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    Protege Gauge Surround Bezel and other interior bits

    All items are in great shape, no scratches or scuffs anywhere. Prices are obo and do not include shipping. 1. Protege gauge cluster surround bezel w/ alarm LED hole - $25 - would be great for a custom gauge pod project 2. P5 lower steering wheel cover w/ cruise cutout - $5 3. Protege lower...
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    Prosport Gauges (Amber/White) *Boost/Vacuum, Oil pressure, Fuel pressure, Water temp*

    Hey guys, I have four Prosport gauges I would like to try and sell. They all work, and are as good as new, I have just simply decided to cut back on the number of gauges and go for a more subtle interior. All gauges will come with everything needed for the install, which includes the electrical...
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    Transmission mini-build -- advice needed

    Hey guys, I am getting ready to do some transmission work so I thought I would post here to get some help and advice. The plan is to replace my stock clutch and flywheel (90K miles) with an ACT HD Stage 1 & Fidanza lightweight, plus replace the stock MP3 open diff with a welded MSP LSD. Now...
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    WTB: Dual Gauge Cluster Pod

    So I stupidly sold one of these in hopes of replacing it with HKPro's dual column pod, but those never happened so I'm now left without a pod :/ Let me know if you have one, I know they're pretty rare but it's worth a shot. FYI, this is what I'm looking for, not a single steering column pod.