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    2017~2021 AWD versus FWD

    When driving my 2019 CX-5 AWD it feels like there is a bit of "resistance" preventing the free flow of the wheels. Golf carts have a governor (to prevent people from being able to drive too fast , especially on a downward slope) and the CX-5 AWD reminds me of that. For comparison, my son's...
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    2017~2021 Torque for wheel bolts question

    An Oil Change shop guy had his wrench set at 100 when rotating my 2019 CX-5 tires. The manual reads a range of 80-108. Is the 100 the guy did too tight? If so, what is the negative of too much torque used? Thanks, DG
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    AWD vs FWD

    Have you test driven a CX-5 AWD vs FWD ? I have a 2016 FWD and a 19 AWD. The drive is very different but I am not sure if that is due to 2 wheel drive vs 4 wheel drive or other factors between the 3 model years.
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    delete this thread please

    Sorry I am unable to find the method to delete this thread topic/post. Mods, please delete, thank you.
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    fake license plate from the dealer?

    This afternoon, while completing the paperwork for the CX-5 I was purchasing, the dealership's finance employee printed some fake license plates (which the salesperson installed on the car prior to me driving home).I asked the finance lady about it and she replied"it's the new law to prevent...
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    trade in my 2016 CX-5 for a 2019 CX-5 ?

    In May of 2015 I bought a model year 2016 CX-5 GT (red exterior, black leather interior) and the car now has 46,000 miles). I have enjoyed the car very much and am now considering selling the 2016 and buying a new 2019 CX-5. From a driving performance perspective is the 2019 about the same as...
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    BF Goodrich tires for my CX-5

    In 2015 I bought my 2016 CX-5 new from a dealer with the stock Toyo A23 tires. Unfortunately, one of those tires caught a screw in the sidewall so I replaced all 4 with America's Tire Yokohama 580's, which served me well for about 25,000 miles. I recently started looking for some USA made tires...
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    $700 for rear rotors and brake pads ?

    Hello All, I took my wife's 29,000 mile CX-5 to the dealer for two recall items (air bag and rear hatch lift mechanism), and asked the dealer to also do a safety check. An hour later the dealer called me to suggest rear brake pads and rotors, he said they needed replacement. I authorized the...
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    CX-5 compared to mid size sedans ?

    If you have experienced significant drive time comparing a CX-5 to mid size sedan, such as the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Mazda 6 etc.... Please share your opinion of how the CX-5 differs from a sedan, especially with regards to long distance road trip type cruising. Thanks in advance for any...
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    2015 Mazda 6 or 2016 CX-5 ?

    My wife recently bought a 2016 CX-5. I am considering to buy myself a 2016 CX-5 or a 2015 Mazda 6. Has anybody here driven both ? In particular I am interested in seat comfort for the three 1200 mile road trips I do each year. Any opinions welcome, thanks. My current car is a bench style seat...
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    I like my wife's new CX-5

    Yesterday my wife bought a 2016 CX-5 Grand Touring. I had been planning on buying a 2015 Accord V6 sedan but after driving my wife's CX-5 I am thinking about getting one like hers. Sitting up high was fun and would be so different from all the traditional coupes and sedans I have previously...