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    2013~2016 When should the diff fluid be changed?

    Have 31,000 on my 2016 CX-5, just turned 6 yrs old. Will take it in mid summer for its once a year oil change. It's not driven hard (hardly driven), hasn't gone through high water, etc. Should it get changed along with the oil?
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    2017~2021 Start/Stop on CX-5

    Anybody see or hear anything about Mazda's plans for this? I happened to cross in a pedestrian walkway in front of a CR-V the other day. The CR-V stopped and shut-down, as soon as the person pressed the gas to proceed I heard the engine restart. Sounded like a normal start where you press the...
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    2017~2021 What's everybody using to remove scratches in clearcoat?

    I used some wax and then some polishing compound without much luck. They're superficial scratches most likely from scraping a bush.
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    Anybody here have a CX-5 and a CX-30?

    We currently have a 16 Touring and a 19 GTR. My wife drives the GTR. I'm thinking of downsizing her into a CX-30 since she has trouble driving the CX-5. She's sideswiped the garage post exiting the garage and last week she sideswiped the mailbox post. I think she has a problem with spatial...
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    2017~2021 Little tidbit of battery info

    If you run the battery down more than likely the rear hatch will no longer open. System will go into a fail-safe model. To reset disconnect the battery for 10 minutes, hopefully you will have a battery tender to save your favorites/settings/etc. Not sure this is mentioned in the manual.
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    Rear Hatch not opening

    The rear hatch will not open any of the three ways. Pushing the button on the hatch, pushing the button on the fob or trying to open with the dash button while the car is off, in park and all doors are unlocked. Does anybody know if the fuse that controls the rear hatch also controls other...
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    2017~2021 Side effects from forgetting to turn engine off

    Yesterday afternoon my wife went to work, as she pulled in a co-worker pulled up next to her and they starting talking. My wife exited the car and didn't turn the engine off. She proceeded to go to work for 4 hrs and when she came out to leave the car was dead. She called me and I went down and...
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    After 15 months of ownership, my only complaint

    Is this why they didn't light up the Homelink buttons? At least light the ones that are active. Instead they put a dummy light in the middle of the mirror. Pulling into the driveway at night and trying to find the right button without pressing the other garage door button is a pain. Sometimes...
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    2017~2021 Anybody replace the plastic headlight lens cover?

    There's a crack in my driver's side headlight lens cover. It's not all the way through yet but will probably eventually crack through. Anybody have to replace one? Is it a DIY or do you need to drop the bumper? Something the dealer should do? Apprx. how much for the lens cover?
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    Thanks for recommending Paintless Dent Repair

    PDR. My wife hit the drivers side front quarter panel while backing out of the garage. Dented the panel in bad and misaligned the front bumper. Left a lot of paint scrapings from the garage center post on the panel. Luckily she did not breech the paint on the vehicle. Found a local PDR guy with...
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    2013~2016 Break fluid question

    Should read - Brake fluid question. Can't edit the title. Taking my 2016 Touring in for service next week. One of the things I want done is drain/fill of the brake fluid. It's been 5 years and although I only have 28,000 miles on it figured it would be a good thing to do. Service advisor said...
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    Oil Change, could this cause a problem?

    Had the car in Thursday morning for it's second oil change. Checked the oil level today, it's about 1/2 inch above the full mark. Is it too much or is it OK?
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    Cleaning the black piano trim

    Anybody find a good product or made one to clean the trim round the shifter and the door. It's beyond me why Mazda would put that in the vehicle.
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    2017~2021 Climate Control question

    Any reason why the A/C doesn't automaticaly come on when you lower the temperature. I've noticed when I start the car and adjust the temp (say 66) and it's 80 outside it only blows warm air. I have to press the A/C button for it to start cooling. I thought the whole idea of climate control was...
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    2013~2016 Is it possible to have a completely clean engine air filter after 27,000 miles?

    Pulled the air filter this morning thinking I should order one since this is the original and the vehicle is 5 yrs old. It was spotless, not one speck of dust, color was bright white and when held up to the sun you could see right through it. It looks like it just came out of the box. Should I...
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    How difficult is it to update maps?

    For those that do their own map updates - is it relatively easy. I know you have to install the Mazda toolkit but after that is it just plug the SD card in and tell it to do a map update. Any advise appreciated.
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    Any way to stop contacts loading?

    each time you start the vehicle?
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    What's everybody paying for gas?

    $2.10 for top tier 87 octane in northern Dela-where.
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    2013~2016 Flash Drive weirdness

    This pertains to my 2016 Touring. I have about 50 cd's loaded to a flash drive. When you scroll through the music titles and select a specific one then select "All Songs" all song titles are displayed. When you drill down and select a specific song and it starts playing the infotainement...