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    Turbo Choices?? MSP

    hey everyone, I was just wondering if there were any other good turbo options out there for my msp besides the stock T25r. My msp has currently does not have forged internals so im not looking to go bigger just seeing if there was anything similar or the same size as the stock turbo that would...
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    2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege 2.0t **MUST SEE**

    Hey Guys! For sale is my 2003.5 mazdaspeed protege. The interior is about a 9/10 and the exterior is about a 9.5/10. It has a 2.0 turbocharged engine and is front wheel drive.This car is very clean probably one of the cleanest mazdaspeed protege's out there. It runs strong and has amazing...
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    2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege

    Please Delete
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    DG CARBON FIBER HOOD for MSP or Protege5 or Protege : CT

    Hey Guys I have a DG Carbon Fiber Hood for Mazdaspeed Protege, Protege 5, or Protege. It is in great condition only problem is it has a small crack in it right around where the windshield wiper nozzle goes in you can see it in the picture its not big AT ALL. It was bought from protege garage for...
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    Mazdaspeed Protege Unichip! Low Pricee

    hey guys i currently have a unichip for the mazdaspeed protege never used! still in box! retail price is $652.00 not including shipping off unichips official website. Looking to get rid of it for $450.00 obo let me know if your interested! This is as is. Adds up to 32hp & 33ft-lb...