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    Best Roomate EVER!!! Just READ

    Ok so this is an old post that I shared some time ago on a few other forums I am a member on. I came across it and wanted to give a few people here a good read/laugh. Enjoy! :) It is an old Craigslist ad, and NO it is not mine....just a great laugh. $1000 Best. Roommate. Ever. Date...
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    New 2015 CX5 Touring Owner

    Hello all. Im Lawrence and we recently bought a pearl white 2015 CX5 touring edition for my wife. Love the vehicle, HATE the infotainment system. Looking to replace it with an 8-9" Alpine or Kenwood model soon. Years and years ago I owned a 1989 323 GTX. Miss it everyday. Now we own the Mazda...