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    2017~2021 2019 Signature - New Transmission Inbound

    Hi everyone, just wanted to pass this along for info. We've had our 2019 Signature since September and it's been largely flawless. Up until Black Friday, when we added a second vehicle to our stable (2019 30th Anniversary Miata) it was my daily down to work, a 132ish mile round-trip each day...
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    2017~2021 Fuel Cap not clicking?

    Hi all, first post. Wife has had three prior Mazda 3s over several years but on 9 Sep we purchased our first joint vehicle, a 19 CX-5 Signature. We are currently moving from CA to VA and are driving a moving truck and the CX-5 (both largely due to our pets; I am driving Penske truck and wife...