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    2012 CX-9 Gear Shift light Replacement

    CX_9 console light replacement great video.......I got the bulb out and went to Advance Auto Parts ( any parts store will do) and just matched the bulb up......Bulb #74 from Sylvania Hint.....go on Ebay and look for a CX-9 shifter assembly for can see pictures where the attaching...




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    2013 CX-9 GT - gear shift light bulb replacement question

    Need to do same.......I see no one has replied yet
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    2013 Smart Key Programming Instructions?

    found out same thing on my 2011.......bought a used key fob on ebay for about 80 bucks ( make sure same serial number as yours) and bought the hideakey from dealer and had them program all for a third key.....I think total was about 125.00 for key and programming in Atlanta
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    how to install cross bars on oem roof rack

    its easy just did it....but i threw instructions away..... its easy... go here for the on Mazda CX9 parts the exterior acc......then crossbars and it will have a link to instructions
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    2013 Smart Key Programming Instructions?

    I have a 2011 cx9 and have had no luck self programming a third key Dealer tells me they to do it.......a locksmith told they could when they get their 9k programming machine... Either way looks like later models you gotta pay......Atlanta dealer wants 90 bucks to program it
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    how to program a 3rd smart key 2011 CX 9

    good batteries.....yes aux keys are inside the 2 smart keys when trying to program....not sure why that would make a difference but will try.......don't know if it makes a difference but the 3rd smart key I bought does not have the aux key....
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    how to program a 3rd smart key 2011 CX 9

    yep, tried the one for a smart key on my 2011 cx 9 and it does not work have programmed several Ford models so I know the drill......
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    how to program a 3rd smart key 2011 CX 9

    Have been reading some threads on this but no luck... Can someone point me in right direction? Have 2 smart keys and got a 3rd off eBay ....same FCC codes etc but no hidden key with it..... thanks, Stuart
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    Can I program a Smart Key myself?

    I have a 2011 CX 9 and it does not work for me either....I can't get car in the program mode either... any help?