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    Upgraded OS to 59.00.546 today

    Problem stopped a few days ago....extremely strange as it's switching just fine. Wife was with me on the first few days and we both heard the problem. My guess is that WROR antenna had some issues and I even tweeted and FB'd them asking if they were having issue on those days. No response...
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    Upgraded OS to 59.00.546 today

    It HAS been unless WROR changed their power output, the tuning software changed. Also, I was scrolling through the menus and I quite honestly don't remember setting up the stations. When I had the radio SEARCH for stations, 105.7 did NOT come up during a scan. But when I tuned...
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    Upgraded OS to 59.00.546 today

    So noticed something with the radio since the upgrade. One of my local FM/HD stations now "skips" like a scratched record. Station 105.7FM, WROR, never had a problem before the upgrade. Now, while listening to music, the station will skip. Doing some reading on the web, it appears it's...
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    Upgraded OS to 59.00.546 today

    I see your location, If you go to Sentry, Jim the service manager has it.
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    Upgraded OS to 59.00.546 today

    No. the App store showed them when I agreed to "Go to App Store". If I recall, 2 were all in Japanese. The 3rd, called NaviBridge from the IOS App Store seemed legit as it's from Denso who make the Nav systems. (It was also all in English). The only way to reload the alert for the missing...
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    Upgraded OS to 59.00.546 today

    Yes. Dealer just got the approved final download from Mazda yesterday and I told him I wanted it as soon as it was approved.
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    Upgraded OS to 59.00.546 today

    Dealership had me hold off on upgrading my system for a while as Mazda worked out many bugs with previous releases. I was at 58.00.250 since I bought the car less than 2 years ago. Was instructed to unpair and repair my iPhone to avoid any bluetooth communication problems. When I paired my...
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    2016 CX-9 Wiper Blade Connector

    Just dropped back here to this forum so look for anything new on this. Glad to see my suggestion worked. I'm still on my original blades and still waiting for after-markets to be made available by 3rd party vendors.
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    Dealer refuses to Update

    Yes, Sentry. Jim the Service Manager said NO Otherwise they're pretty good.
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    Dealer refuses to Update

    I'll give him one more month. Then I'll ask for specifics and details as to his hesitance. Also I haven't been here on this forum a while and glad I found out that Mazda's Gracenote database link downloads the NON North American version which would always fail when I tried to update. Just got...
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    Dealer refuses to Update

    I have a 2016 CX-9 Signature. Asked my dealer to update the InfoTainment system last summer and he told me to hold off. A few random reboots and especially when navigating through downtown cities, with the full 3D buildings, the system seems to reboot more often. I asked again last week and he...
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    CX-9 performance in snow?

    I had Blizzaks on my old 08-CX9 an bought new set for my '16 CX-9 Signature. With only one winter driving the new car, I actually thought the old 08' CX-9 GT handled better in the snow. And after watching some of the videos posted here online about how bad the newer CX-9 AWD handles...
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    Maintenance warning on startup

    I think if you set your oil change for a fixed or flexible, setting you simply cannot reset it. I forget what the service guy did, but changing it to one of the other 3 options, cleared the message for good.
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    Cabin Air Filter for 2016 CX-9

    Thanks. That's where it was in my old 08 CX-9. Surprised they didn't document it.
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    New Mazda Mobile Start

    hmmm. I have't used it since the winter. Just loaded and I was presented with a screen which asks me for my default welcome screen. After I logged in, it appear exactly the same. Still says Version 1.0.0 as well.
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    2017 CX 9 Customer Reviews

    Then don't buy one. It's a free country.
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    Android/Apple support
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    All Weather Floor Mats

    Not seeing anything for the CX-9 on their website.
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    New Member here: I just test drove a cx 9 signature - "dreadful A/C" is correct

    Mid 90's here in Boston today and it did cool down my car. I'll also note that I run the rear system on full cool which doubles the output of the A/C system. Much better than running just the front vents.