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    2017~2021 2019 Signature - New Transmission Inbound

    It was indeed air in the cooling system. Had it back midday Monday. All seems to be in order now. And so back to the data dump. I reviewed the paperwork from the repair and it stated that they drove the car, heard noise, worked with a master technician to narrow it to the transmission...
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    2017~2021 2019 Signature - New Transmission Inbound

    So one further update...Back from travel and we spent some time in the car today in the cold and we noticed that...We weren't getting any heat. The air from the vents even up to "Hi" blew room temperature air, unless we were at highway speed, when it would get up to a lukewarm to warm level at...
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    2017~2021 2019 Signature - New Transmission Inbound

    Forgot to come back and update. We got the vehicle back last Friday. I don't have the paperwork handy as I am not home but it was pretty extensive what all was done. I will provide another update later on with more info.
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    2017~2021 2019 Signature - New Transmission Inbound

    Thanks for the TSB info. My VIN is quite a bit higher than that and of course the Turbo but still interesting. Didn't realize the naturally aspirated engine and transmission combo was the same in both generations.
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    2017~2021 2019 Signature - New Transmission Inbound

    Hi everyone, just wanted to pass this along for info. We've had our 2019 Signature since September and it's been largely flawless. Up until Black Friday, when we added a second vehicle to our stable (2019 30th Anniversary Miata) it was my daily down to work, a 132ish mile round-trip each day...
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    Dog Cover

    We run this one: Haven't had a fluids test yet and hopefully we won't. Originally had it setup in the backseat but now we run it in the cargo area (with a 3DMaxpider liner underneath). This is the second model/brand we've had; the first...
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    JDM rear low profile headrests

    This is probably a stupid question as I'm sure somebody will have thought of this by now but did anyone test fit the center headrest in the side mounting holes to see if they fit? I keep meaning to do it but when it comes time I forget or I have my hands full. That would solve the problem with...
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    New Owners - Check your Tire PSI

    My 19 Signature was at 46 PSI all around at delivery in September...
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    Winter/Snow tires

    I'm picking up 17" steelies (I like the look and they're cheap and durable...sue me) mounted with TPMS and 225/65-17 Continental VikingContact 7s at Tire Rack's distribution center in Delaware this coming Saturday for my 19 Signature.
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    2.5T CX-5 Piggyback

    I ran a JB1 on my 16 Golf R 6MT and a JB4 on my 17 Audi S3. I would love to see one come out for the 2.5T Mazda motor.
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    2017~2021 Fuel Cap not clicking?

    Ok so quick update. Thanks for the head check on this. This morning we checked it before we left the hotel and got a reaply weak click, but it did click. Filled up twice during the day and at the second fill up in Tennessee someplace it clicked like it originally did. We plan a first oil change...
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    2017~2021 Fuel Cap not clicking?

    Hi all, first post. Wife has had three prior Mazda 3s over several years but on 9 Sep we purchased our first joint vehicle, a 19 CX-5 Signature. We are currently moving from CA to VA and are driving a moving truck and the CX-5 (both largely due to our pets; I am driving Penske truck and wife...