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    Speedometer feature

    I’ve had my CX-5 for a year and never realized this. the speedometer lights up in “zones”! If you’re at a stop, 0-20 mph is lit up bright, 20-40 a bit dimmer and 60-160 is like “grayed out”. As you start driving, the relative “zone” gets brighter. Kinda neat! Can’t believe I never notice this.
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    Favorites erased! It happened to me too

    I recall reading about someone (or more than one) having their favorites vanish on their CX-5. Well, it just happened to me out of the blue. I can’t recall any reboots and I never lost battery power at all. I have a 2019 with .352 installed. I’ll have the dealer install .367 next oil change...
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    20" Enkei ONX Black for sale (full set)

    I've got a set of 20" Enkei ONX Gloss Black Wheels for sale. These have less than 2000 miles on them (put them on and subsequently removed them from my 2012 Edge when I traded in for my 2019 CX-5). These should fit Gen2 CX-5 no issues. Here's a link to the wheels and specs...
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    Rear fog light - bumper reflector lights installation

    Rear fog light - bumper reflector lights installation. So this was interesting (and still is). I was able to install some of the aliexpress/eBay rear bumper lights. That part was easy. Drop lower trim panels in the rear, install new lights and run wire up through grommet into rear quarter...
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    Could use some help - relay wiring diagram needed

    Could use some help from all the wiring gurus. I'm good enough to make any soldering connections and run wires, but want to make sure that I'm about to tackle this properly. I installed the Fortin EVO One in conjunction with drone mobile (even soldered the parking light connections in the...
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    Relay wiring help - Power Liftgate (via remote starter)

    Deleted - moved to different thread (sorry!)
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    CX-5 Signature - Which are Non-LED bulbs?

    Can anyone confirm which bulbs in a 2019 signature are NOT LED? Id like to convert all of them to LED (did this in my wifes 2018 GT CX-9 and looks great, of course she had no led interior or exterior bulbs, except the headlights). It looks as though the rear turn and reverse lights are...