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  1. crimeariver

    How reliable has your CX-9 been?

    2019 cx-9 with just 20k miles. So far worst reliability out of 4 different cars with turbo Di engines I had or helped to maintain. Most importantly got an issue that required towing out of nowhere. I try to know and maintain my cars well so I can rely on them in long trips - therefore this is...
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    SkyActiv Oil Analysis Thread

    if BlackStone shows 2,5% dilution, backed up by low viscosity, chances are dilution is 5%+
  3. crimeariver

    SkyActiv Oil Analysis Thread

    Blackstone is well known as unreliable source for fuel dilution checks. There are references that they basically derive fuel dilution from flashpoint test. You can just ignore it and if you smell gas in oil - send it to Oil Analyzers. Please see my experience below: Post showing differences...
  4. crimeariver

    2.5 Turbo - Oil Fuel Dilution Issues?

    Missed this thread? So my issue is back. It took some time to validate due to COVID apparently... After the "leaky injector change" oil smelled ok after first 1k. After that I did not check much. Got another issue with engine harness and had to tow it for repair. At 3600k on oil I send it to...
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  6. crimeariver

    SkyActiv Oil Analysis Thread

    Once I got first analysis with 5% in 3500: I changed oil type, switched from Regular to Premium and did at least 70% highway driving and on top of that it was summer instead of winter. And I got 3.8% fuel in 2100 miles anyways :) I think something happened around 6-8k After first oil change...
  7. crimeariver

    Spark Plugs at 40k?

    There were many cases where car manufacturer declares lifetime ATF fluid, but gearbox manufacturer declares 40-60k miles :) Do Mazda use their own transmission or 3rd party?
  8. crimeariver

    18' and 20' what should I do ?

    For bad roads 18" is an easy choice :) It's simply better for your car on the long run.
  9. crimeariver

    SkyActiv Oil Analysis Thread

    A heads up for those who prefer Blackstone and gets low viscosity. I would recommend testing with OilAnalyzers as they actually check for fuel in oil. Sample below showed 3.8% from OilAnalyzers and no fuel with Blackstone. I left a note in comments that fuel dilution is suspected. The car...
  10. crimeariver

    2.5 Turbo - Oil Fuel Dilution Issues?

    One more point on labs. The Blackstone is very popular lab, but they don't do proper fuel dilution analysis even though they provide the "Fuel %" value in the report. They simply derive it out of flashpoint test. Their staff seem to think its a reliable test. I have send my previous sample with...
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  12. crimeariver

    2.5 Turbo - Oil Fuel Dilution Issues?

    Heh, I did a trip to another dealer and that experience was like from another world. I never thought you can get that much of variation between two same brand dealers 20 miles from each other. Seems like the first dealership does not have anyone proficient enough to do anything other than simple...
  13. crimeariver

    2.5 Turbo - Oil Fuel Dilution Issues?

    Made a trip to the dealership. As I expected, they were useless. They wanted to get away with oil change :) They asked questions like: "Why do you think it's an issue..." "What is the Mazda spec for viscosity... it is degrading over 5k interval anyways" When I asked for some diagnostics for...
  14. crimeariver

    2.5 Turbo - Oil Fuel Dilution Issues?

    OK, 3.8% in 2.1k. Difference: 1 sample: - winter, jan-june - 60% short, non-highway trips - Regular gas Oil level dropped alot after first 2k. Had to add 1q, then stable. Never seen it going up. 2 sample: - all-summer - 70%+ highway - Premium gas Oil level possibly a bit up at the end...
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  16. crimeariver

    Guide: 2nd Generation CX-9: Dashcam installation

    Same thing, invisicord pins seem to thick to push into harness plug. Barely half in and ended up securing it with tape.
  17. crimeariver

    2.5 Turbo - Oil Fuel Dilution Issues?

    I probably misspoke. I don't consider GTX Magnatec bad (i would not buy it if so) and by cheap I did mean one of the cheapest top-brand options in Full-Synthetics. And therefore I did not expect any margin from it if anything is not good. In comparison, there is some consistent evidence on WRX...
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    2.5 Turbo - Fuel oil dilution?

    got a not very promising analysis:
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