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    2021 Signature: Why no wireless Apple Carplay?

    It’s has the WiFi and Bluetooth connections. Why did they not include wireless CarPlay?
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    2019 Mods CX9 (Same for CX5 and Mazda 6)

    2019 Mods
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    2019 CX9 GT - Mirror Tap for Radar Detector (How to?)

    I had a 2017 CX9 and it was easy to mirror tap for switched power so I can power my radar detector. The 2019 CX9 GT has a different mirror and NO exposed connectors to TAP. Has anyone figured out how to get switch power from the rear view mirror?
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    MAZDA CX-9 Factory OEM Wheels -Tires - TPMS 20" Rims 9965-04-8500 9965048500

    2019 MAZDA CX-9 2016 2017 2018 2019 Local pickup NYC area only $2200 CX9 Factory OEM Wheels & Tires 20" Rims Hyper Silver 9965-04-8500. Almost $4000 if purchased from dealer. Fits 2016-Current 2019 year. REMOVED FROM BRAND NEW CAR! OEM Factory Wheels & Tires combo. Complete with TPMS...