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    2021 Carbon edition grille

    Does anyone know if the 2021 CX-9 grille is interchangeable with the 2018 CX-9. It does look like they changed the body style, but I don't know. Looking to maybe change the grille on my 2018 Signature for the 2021 Carbon edition grille. Was going to have it wrapped in Black vinyl but might...
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    Sunroof exploded!

    The sunroof in our 2018 CX-9 randomly exploded while we were driving it. Sounded like a M80 went off inside the cabin. Nothing around, no other cars, no people, nothing to throw something at it. It just shattered. Luckily the headliner was shut to catch all the tiny glass peices. I saw that...
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    Ross bars for roof rack, who's got'em?

    Thinking about getting a set of these. Anybody have cross bars on their roof? Factory or aftermarket, how do you like them? I already have the roof rails installed just need to cross bars. Dealer wants $200 but looks like I can save 25% by getting them through Amazon Mazda CX-9 2016-2017...