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    Mazda CX-9 OEM Windshield Sunscreens

    Mazda CX-9 OEM Windshield Sunscreen For Sale are two Mazda CX-9 OEM Windshield Sunscreens Item 1. Genuine Mazda, part #0000-8M-N02A. Fits up to 2015. $OLD to the gentleman from CA. Item 2. Genuine Mazda, part #0000-8M-N03. Fits 2016 - 2019. $OLD to the gentleman from OH.
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    2018 CX-9 GT Road Noise - Crosspost from Tires, Suspension Section,

    Tires. May have a good alignment, road-force balancing and all, but it's probably the tires. Had a similar issue on VW a few years back and, after being unable to get it right, a new set of same brand rubber was the fix. Maybe you can get dealer to throw on a set of wheels/tires from another new...
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    Just bought 2019 CX9 GT - OEM floor mats too costlly - any suggestions?

    Sorry, I do not on the CX-9, but did on previously owned CX-5 and thought they were great, so was recommending them on past use. I happen to have two sets of normal OEM carpet mats (ok for FL weather) so just sporting those for now. I see others have chimed in though, and have had similar...
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    Just bought 2019 CX9 GT - OEM floor mats too costlly - any suggestions?

    Check out 3D MAXpider - very nice fit.
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    Any word on 2019 changes?

    I meant "memory" setting for the mirrors tied to the fob in addition to the seat position, as it is in previous ('15) gen. Similar to lack of driver seat tilt adjustment in the 16's, now it has it. Silly how they give a little here, take a little there each iteration.
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    Any word on 2019 changes?

    +1 Or at least "Memory" to the driver's seat setting.
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    Guide: 2nd Generation CX-9: Reverse light bulb replacement/upgrade

    Well done (on all of your "how to's") - thanks. (thumb)
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    2016 CX9 Owners Thread

    Don't remember exactly, but recall dealer said something to do with government standards (NHTSA, EPA?) and what the vehicle qualified for (or something like that??). Meh... could've been blowing smoke... Looking forward to picking one up, one day, just not now.
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    Gunmetal Wheels Finish Issue

    Gunmetal no more. Problem solved; had them PC'd black. (eekdance) (pic links removed b/c of photobucket's changes) ps - thanks to Hank3 for the inspiration to go with a PC solution
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    who went from 20" to 19" ?

    No response? (?) Did you see these? I wonder if they'd be too small (skinny) or if the offset is too far off. #oldthreadrevived
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    Aftermarket CX-9 Navigation

    ^^ Yep, currently "only" $20 per quarter (for nb1), but man-o-man, so wish someone would figure out a way to disable the "speed safety lock" on these! Bad enough the TomTom version used on this vehicle isn't the greatest, severely restrictive and with lousy voice recognition... seriously looking...
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    Spied: 2017 Mazda CX-9

    Stopped by local dealer today and got to briefly check out a GT. Although I would really like to have those front seats ventilated, to echo the above I wasn't that turned off by the lack of driver's seat adjustment as I thought I'd be. Without any bottom (or total) tilt movement, it is true I...
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    Spied: 2017 Mazda CX-9

    ^ This. And why only a 4-way power passenger seat on the top trim? The lack of up/down capability on our '15 is a definite con for me when I'm occupying it.
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    Spied: 2017 Mazda CX-9

    ^ Funk that. Go see Ferman Mazda over in Brandon. Sure it's a trek for you, but worth it. From personal experience they don't engage in such practices. MSRP on a "new" model or refresh (think, MX-5) when first in is one thing, but eventually inventory catches up and then it's time to talk prices...
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    Wheel paint issue

    The finish on these wheels just plain sucks (see thread here). At 18k, mine have gotten progressively worse than when initially picked up (dealer-owned, CPO w/ 5k miles on it), and I've done nothing but wash with soap and water. Very disappointed. Either going to refinish (in silver) or...
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    2012 Mazda 5 With H&R's From Corksport

    OP's car was totaled this year (per posts made on the board here) :(
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    Gunmetal Wheels Finish Issue

    Thanks for the feedback (and SB)! Lesson to be learned / words of wisdom for owners with these wheels! Would be fine if I wanted a peppered look, huh? On the bright side, can just view it as brake dust that needs to be cleaned off (but won't). Came across a writeup that said these types of...
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    Gunmetal Wheels Finish Issue

    (Issue could be applicable to other Mazdas, but posting here as it's about the CX-9 wheels) Picked up our 2015 CX-9 GT (CPO with 5k miles) earlier this year and am concerned with the finish / quality of the OEM 20" gunmetal wheels. IMO they are indeed quite good looking, but they've all got...
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    2013 CX-9 GT "Hidden" Features

    Hidden features? LOL The only thing hidden is what you find out a car doesn't have after you own it (unless of course you inquire beforehand; shame on those of us who would think certain functions would be there by default). Recent service visit, dealer futzing with IDS, said our 2015 CX-9 GT w/...
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    Mazda5: Prices paid and related questions

    Daughter picking one up this week (from a used car dealer). Year: 2009 Location: Tampa, FL Trim: Sport Tranny: Auto Any extra accessories: None Sale Tax Rate: 7.0% Price you paid for your Mazda5 (including tax, title, fees): $7,400.00 OTD 110,000 miles. Two previous owners, last one was under...