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    Pulstar Spark Plugs?

    Has anyone tried Pulstar spark plugs? Apparently they have impressive performance but reviews on amazon suggest certain vehicles(Honda, Kia) will through misfire codes. One reviewer mentions shorter life span. Curious about first generation 2.0 Skyactive G.
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    2013 CX-5 Manual Transmission (Transaxle) Oil Change Interval?

    Hey Folks, I can't find the recommended interval for the MT oil. It is not in the owner's manual, nor in the service manual. At 90k miles dealer told my wife "it is really thick and needs to be replaced" during oil change. Looking at the service manual, there is no dip stick and the check plug...
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    Small Leak on Top of Engine (Sensor ?)

    I just changed the oil of my 2013 2.0 CX-5 and notice oiliness on the engine head. First time I am noticing it, 57K miles. It seems like the leak comes from a sensor of some sort (See image attached). Anyone knows what this sensor is called? Is it common problem? Will dealership fix it under...
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    Seat Extremely Uncomfortable (2013 CX-5 Sport)

    Folks, I have been trying to adjust as many were advising and its been 30k miles and I hate the drivers seat (2013 Sport). It is so bad that my posture get screwed, I have neck and back pain. I think I finally found out what's exactly wrong with it: The bucket back is too narrow and it curves...
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    Oil consumption, dirty exhaust and an answer from a Mazda mechanic

    So I checked my oil level today and for 7000 miles it dropped from 3/4 Of the Max to the Min point. My exhausts are dark dirty like it's a diesel motor. I stopped by the dealer and talked to one of the mechanics and he tells me this: To be considered abnormal, oil consumption must be 1 quarter...
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    2013 CX-5 Sport Audio Upgrade with Nexus 7

    Hey Folks, For the last month I have been planning infotainment/audio system upgrade. Vehicle: 2013 CX-5 Sport Manual, basic radio (without color LCD), 4 speakers, no bose Overview of the project: - Get rid of the OEM stereo - Use Nexus 7 as a head unit/control center - Keep steering wheel's...
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    Radio Harness Fuse/AMP ratings?

    I am planning to upgrade the Sport Basic stereo to Tablet as a head unit, 1 Din basic head unit as a pre-amp and a small 4x45/50 amp in the remaining space in the dash (either the Alpine 445a/u or Clarion 1410). If I go with the Alpine route, the 445a harness directly to an Alpine radio and...
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    First oil change with the new Mazda 0w20 GF-5 with moly - Improved MPG

    Hi guys, I just changed the oil my self at 5k miles with the new Mazda Genuine GF-5 0w20 with Moly and I got improved gas millage. I am not sure if it is because it is first oil change (e.g. factory oil thicker?, different?) or its a result of the new oil (I believe that) but I immediately got...
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    I need new headrest (or mod the OEMs)

    Hey guys, 3rd day I am enjoing my CX-5 MT. I love it! However, my neck hates it! I can't stand the headrest anymore. I just removed mine an hour ago. I started look for alternatives on the net, but can not find any. In meantime, I am planing to try headrest from a few different cars...